Which Emergency Service do you Require? Avocado.

Do we have any avocado fans? The divisive tropical green fruit has hit the headlines this week as Waitrose revealed that the humble avocado is among the top five most ordered items from its stores, via Deliveroo… in every UK city!

So, is the avocado the most forgotten item on the shopping list? In Brighton, Oxford and Cambridge, avocados are the most requested item overall on the delivery app, but also prove popular in the north and midlands, from Birmingham and Newcastle, to Glasgow.

My biggest question though… who is ordering this frustrating fruit without studying every piece on show, giving it a little squeeze and then getting home to play ripe roulette?!

It’s perhaps no surprise that the trend is attributed to shoppers wanting to enjoy an avocado based brunch treat at the weekend…  And with delivery apps growing in popularity during lockdown, the two go hand in hand.  James Bailey, Executive Director at Waitrose, said: “The majority of the people we surveyed told us the pandemic has fundamentally changed their outlook: they’re more conscious of their mental and physical health, they’re enjoying life’s simple pleasures, and they’ve embraced the importance of family and friends.”

As well as giving us insight into avocado consumption, the Waitrose 2020-21 food and drink report also highlights a range of food trends we should expect to see during the year ahead:

  1. A Nation of Homebodies: the post-pandemic economy will be a Homebody Economy as the past year has made us fall back in love with our homes – and cooking
  2. The Return of the Intimate Dinner Party: lockdowns have made us more appreciative of friends and family, and there’s a new emphasis when it comes to dinner parties: with a focus on quality not quantity
  3. 5:2 Veg Diet: five days veggie, two days incorporating meat into our diet. Vegetarianism and veganism continue to dominate our menus
  4. The Great Outdoors: many Brits have turned their gardens, patios or balconies into new entertainment areas. Almost 40% of consumers are enjoying more barbecues than pre-pandemic
  5. Regenerating Our Planet: three-quarters of respondents have tried harder not to waste food this year, while 77% are concerned about the amount of plastic in their grocery packaging
  6. Social Eating: three-quarters of 18-24-year-olds viewed TikTok and Instagram for food inspiration during lockdown, while one in 12 people across all age groups posted a picture of their food or their ‘tablescaped’ meal setting on social media.

In 2022 we can also expect to see products, flavours and trends including potato milk, umami, craft pre-batched bottled cocktails and climatarianism (a diet focused on reducing your carbon footprint), while sustainability will continue to take centre stage in people’s lives and homes.

You can download the full Waitrose Food & Drink Report here.


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