Food is a huge topic of conversation in the Escapade offices.  From the often heated debate about what fast food to enjoy on ‘Fat Fridays’ to discussions about the purported health benefits of the latest superfood to be uncovered.

In fact, food, probably fuels the content of at least one if not more office conversations every day.   This is combined with a slightly competitive edge on who announces the latest food gem, with The Grocer and Instagram’s productsinstore being some of our most popular sources.

I had thought that perhaps this constant obsession was relatively unique to the team.

However, the latest research released this week from Great British Chefs, states that 60% of Brits enjoy talking about food and what they are planning to eat.  Food is an even more important topic with younger consumers, with 76% of 18-25 year olds agreeing with this statement.

We were surprised to see that only 21% of those surveyed had a strong interest in the provenance of ingredients yet 52% stated that they enjoyed finding and buying unusual ingredients.

The whitepaper categorises the people into three main segments.  It reveals that 17% of those aged between 18 and 74 fall into a ‘committed foodie’ classification which extrapolates to a population figure of 7.7 million with a further 13% or 5.9 million falling into a ‘weekend foodie’ segment.   The remaining 70% fell into a ‘home cook’ segment.

You can read more about the three segments and other food for thought (excuse the pun) here.

At Escapade, I’d say that we are super adventurous in giving new things a try, both out-of-home and in our own cooking but this is tempered with researching a little about the restaurant or the ingredients.

Macros, additives, provenance, taste, price, authenticity, sustainability, reviews, influencer comment, are just some of the elements that we take into consideration, to a differing degree depending on the team member, about our food choices.

For the food and drink PR team at Escapade, I think I would need to create a new classification of ‘inquisitive obsessives’ or perhaps simply  ‘constantly thinking about food’, would be more accurate.

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