It’s all about the mind… Not the a$$!

This month the Escapade team has been graced with the company of super intern Emily Mulligan, who this week shares her thoughts on the changing facade of health pr campaigns!

Lena Dunhams famous quote ‘It aint about the ass it’s about the brain’ has shown the new revolution of exercising for wellbeing not just to be a size eight.

In recent years the world of social media has become a breeding ground for fitness fanatics and self – called foodies, obsessed with working out and eating healthily. However times are changing, nowadays it’s more than just being skinny and chasing that dream dress size. It’s more about feeding our mind and essentially making ourselves happier and healthier through exercise and healthy eating.

The word diet is becoming a bit of a taboo, with many fitness bloggers asserting the fact they don’t diet, but simply concentrate on putting healthy foods into their bodies to fuel them. They still follow a strict diet of low sugar and fat but claim it’s more of a lifestyle choice whilst making them feel more energized and happier. For me I can’t give up chocolate for more than a few days without becoming miserable, perhaps I just have no will-power, or perhaps everything is about compromise?

With more people following this anti-diet trend and focusing on what their body needs to fuel them rather than following fad diets, brands are changing their health pr and marketing techniques to keep up. Weightwatchers recently introduced the scheme ‘Beyond the Scale’, a major revamp of its traditional program that de-emphasizes weight loss to include other healthy lifestyle components like fitness for the sake of feeling good, and self-care components for inner strength and having a healthy mind. Calorie counting is decreasing whilst the focus on whole foods and ingredient quality is the main focus. After all an avocado contains a surprising amount of fat; however it’s the kind of fat our body needs to function and it even helps to lower bad cholesterol, if eaten in moderation.

Whilst many celebrities endorse fad diets it can be seen that perhaps these quick fixes and diet pills actually don’t contribute to a healthier mind.  Exercise helps with overall well-being and is a great stress-reliever. As well as helping people cope with anxiety it can contributes to a healthier and happier mind according to the NHS.

Remember when Protein World posted a picture for one of their new campaigns last summer.  ‘Are you beach body ready’? This sparked outrage across the country, how dare a diet brand tell me that if I don’t look a certain way I need to change it, and through protein shakes and weight loss pills?

The new emphasis on finding what makes you  happiest, and healthiest is becoming a triumph with the nation with many brands, such as Simply Be, and Dove, hitting back at Protein World, with the message that ‘Every Body is Beach Body Ready’

The hashtag #strongisthenewskinny has almost one million tags on Instagram, showing that times are changing. The message becomes clear that fitness doesn’t equal skinny and fitness isn’t about skinny.

Being happy and comfortable in your own skin is the end goal, not just shedding the pounds  This marks a huge change in thinking about wellness in a universal way, as we our entering a new world of using social media as a platform for people speaking about their experiences of incorporating mind and body.

Emily Mulligan

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