Just one week after we all swore to make 2016 the year where we finally stub out those stinky cigarettes for good, or shift that niggly bit of excess weight that has become a permanent fixture around our midriff, we’ve given up! That’s right. We’ve given up! And some people didn’t even make it to 24 hours, according to the #resolutionfails hashtag that has been trending high on Twitter and Instagram since New Year’s Day.

This year however, the consumer PR team at Escapade have vowed not to become another statistic! To keep us on track, we want to share with you our more realistic resolutions, and hopefully throughout the year we can let you know how we’re getting on!


“Whilst living away from home at Uni I got really into cooking and enjoyed creating my own meals (even if they were not always a success – flashback to a failed roast dinner in first year when the chicken ended up in the sink!) Since finishing Uni and having moved back home with my parents, I’ve admittedly got a bit lazy when it comes to cooking, and slipped into old habits, more often that not leaving dinner up to them. So in 2016 I want to get back into cooking and try out lots of new recipes as well as return the favour to my rents and cook for them AT LEAST once a week! With the hope of also cooking a successful full roast dinner for my family by the end of the year! Of course, as promised, the Escapade team are welcome to come round and be the judges of some of my cooking too…if they’re brave enough!” Beth Glover, Junior Account Executive


“I consider myself quite active. Not fit by any means, but active. Playing hockey, cycling a bit and of course, when you get to my age the obligatory regular pilates classes. But one thing I have never ever managed to do, even as a fit kid, is jog. Just can’t do it. Don’t know what to do with my arms. Always forget to breathe. And, quite frankly because it’s difficult, I always abandon any attempt to get to 5k in week one. Well this year, I’m determined it’s going to be different. I’ve downloaded the Couch to 5k app, to try to do things properly, for once. Bought some new trainers. And importantly talked it up so much to the Escapade team that there really is no backing out now. I’m writing this having just completed my first 2.5k walk, jog, walk, walk, walk , walk session and posting it as further incentive not to give up this year!” Lynne Goddard, Managing Director 


“As a self-confessed social media addict, and a huge fan of Instagram, I’ve recently found myself with extreme interiors envy. While we can’t believe everything we see (I’m sure everyone has a drawer from hell and a badly stacked saucepan cupboard) I’ve lived in my house for ten years now, and not really done much to it. So I’ve decided that 2016 is the year for an overhaul; to decorate the spare bedroom I’ve been ‘meaning to do something with’ for as long as I can remember, upgrade my bathroom, and attack the clutter – of which I’ve accumulated plenty over the years! I mean, how many variations of pretty notebooks, shoes, and beauty products do I really need? Not to mention the ‘stuff’ cupboard that I dread opening for fear of being hit by an unidentified badly stacked object. This year I’m going to spend my spare time transforming my abode into an Instagram worthy, flat lay haven!” Naomi Barry, Senior Account Director


“In PR it’s is hard to grab five minutes when we aren’t either reading, writing or chatting. However in 2016 I’m making time to volunteer! Last year the BBC launched the #1MillionHours volunteering campaign and our client launched The GALAXY Hot Chocolate Fund distributing charitable donations. Both these campaigns made me realise I do very little, well nothing, within my own local community. There are thousands of community centres, animal rescues, disability groups and even hospices that rely on the selflessness of people and their time and this year I want to help. After visiting first-hand and observing the good work these local organisations can do within the community this year my New Year’s resolution is to not just work alongside charity groups and volunteers but to get involved myself.” Lizzy Howell, Senior Account Executive


“One of the reasons I was first interested in getting into PR was the love of being creative with words. Unfortunately I didn’t inherit my father’s more practical fine art and creative skills, however as an avid diary keeper and short story writer from a young age, I soon found jotting words and stuff down, for me, was one of the best means of expression. Fast forwards a number of years, and I often talk about my desire to either write a children’s storybook, a book of short autobiographical stories, or simply start a blog. Because who doesn’t have a blog in this day and age right?! In 2016 I am going to knuckle down and actually make at least one of these a reality. A playwright friend of mine advised me to not focus on the end product, but simply by making a pact with myself to write ‘X’ amount of pages a day or month to break it down, and make it seem more achievable. So that’s what I’m going to do… Wish me luck!” Rhianon Williams, Associate Director 


“This year I’ve tried to pick a resolution that is both achievable and fun! Forget my usual and uninspiring goals to go to the gym every day and save as much money as possible. This year I plan to travel more. For the last couple of years I have lived vicariously through my Facebook feed. I have watched friend after friend, and in the case of Instagram, complete strangers, jet off to tour South America or Island hop across Thailand. Now I am certainly not planning on handing in my notice and booking a one way ticket but I will be making a conscious effort to visit new places. And I must say, I am doing pretty well already with trips to Ireland, Edinburgh, Portugal, Venice and Mexico coming up in the next twelve months.” Esther Knox, Senior Account Executive   

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