Are User Reviews now King in Business?

Online reviews are increasingly playing a key role in helping us decide where to eat, what to eat, to watch, to buy, to sell… The list is endless! They are becoming an integral part of who we are, not only as a consumer, but also for the business owner.

Research shows that 68% of millennials trust online reviews, which compared to only 34% who now trust television advertising, illustrates how the consumer buying process has changed over generations, and why businesses should consider weighting their marketing much more towards digital tactics that encourage online reviews.


The main kick back and concern with online reviews is what to when they go wrong. The latest research and infographic by suggests that on average, one negative review will cost you 30 customers. Businesses need to look at the cause of the negative review, and rectify it openly, and accordingly to reassure customers that you can be trusted as business to still provide exceptional customer service. When retailers reply to a negative review or comment, on average, a third of customers will revise or remove their comment.


Research also shows that those businesses who maintain an active social media presence, regularly monitoring and responding to customers, generally enjoy a much higher level of online retail pr reviews.


Our latest Purple Paper – To Buy or Not to Buy – That is the Online Question, looks further into the changing face of retail from a marketing perspective, including the role that online reviews now play in the process.  It provides further insight into consumer behaviour online –why, when, how much and how they spend, and how you can ensure your business offers a strong online presence. What really influences digital shoppers to head towards the ‘Buy Now’ button?  And perhaps more importantly how do they arrive at that point in the first place?

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