In case you haven’t heard by this time tomorrow we will know if we are to remain part of the European Union or if we will leave. You would be hard pressed to escape the propaganda that has been printed relentlessly in the last month. As a History student I know that it’s these very images and headlines that will make up the text books of generations to come, and for that reason, I’m pretty nervous!

This morning I was met by a series of eye catching and emotion provoking newspaper headlines; The Times “DAY OF RECKONNING,” The Sun “INDEPENDENCE DAY” and The Mirror “Don’t take a leap into the dark… Vote REMAIN today”. Some have taken a slightly less dramatic stance; Daily Star “YOUR Country, YOUR vote” and the FT “Tension mounts in City ahead of historic vote on EU membership.” Oh and then of course there’s the Daily Mail, who printed pictures of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston alongside remain bashing ‘facts’.

It’s not just UK who are quite rightly focussed on the referendum, as we see red, white and blue splashed all over the front pages of European Magazines and newspapers. Titles read – in English- Dagens Industri, Sweden “TAKE A CHANCE ON EU!”, Der Spiegel, Germany “PLEASE DON’T GO!”, and Algemeen Dagblad, Netherlands “DON’T LEAVE ME THIS WAY.” Comical tabloid German paper Bild reads, “If you stay in the EU, we will acknowledge the 1966 Wembley goal and reserve sun loungers for you with our towels”.

British newspapers have been overwhelmingly in favour of Brexit; the Telegraph, Express, Sun, Mail and Star all openly printing vote leave articles and images. Shockingly the Guardian today reports that these titles make up 4.7 million readers, four times the average of pro-remain papers such as the Financial Times, Guardian, i and Daily Mirror.

Many could have called which way most papers were going in the battle, however the fact that The Mail and The Mail on Sunday have gone separate ways is in itself interesting. Both editors report into owner Lord Rothermere who resides in France, with a French wife and is pro EU. Editor of The Mail Paul Drace is currently under fire for his inflammatory coverage and having to correct grossly exaggerated stories on immigration.

What’s more I can’t imagine that every journalist within one paper has the same views, which I’m sure has led to a few heated discussions over the water cooler. It’s no doubt a topic that gets emotions running high, so journalists and newspaper articles will always be there to serve as an appendix to an argument whether you are IN or OUT. Either way be sure to put a tick in that box!

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