Last year, in the UK, on average each person spent four hours accessing the internet via a laptop and over 1 hour 45 minutes through a mobile device each day¹.

So, if you look around your office or home, you’ll notice that it’s very likely that if someone is on the internet, they may also be checking out at least one social media platform at some point too.

Take Escapade PR as an example, each of us, each day are on at least one social platform at one point whether this is checking the news on Twitter, posting on Facebook or scrolling down Instagram at lunch.

Therefore, it’s so important for brands to distinguish what time is the right time to post as research has found that optimal times for each social channel do vary.

To help you out, we have put together an infographic of when is the right time to post, in order to communicate with consumer’s at the most effective moment.



Take Facebook as the first example, we found that Wednesdays at 3pm² is one of the best times to post content during the week – compared to the weekends, where 12pm-1pm is found to be the most efficient time.



On Instagram, 61% of users are between the age of 18 & 34³ so this platform is particularly popular with brands targeting millennials. If your brand is aiming to grab the attention of consumers using Instagram, try posting between 7pm-9pm each day¹ for the possibility of the most engagement.


LinkedIn is utilised to generally share news around the world of business – whether this is company announcements, firm restructuring, the external environment or new opportunities, it is still important to be posting at the right time. Research has found that, it may be most effective to post at both noon (lunch time scrolling) or between 5pm-6pm (when people are packing up to head home!)².



In the UK Twitter now has over 12.6 million users and the majority of users are aged between 16 and 37 years old.

Research has shown that the top time to post varies depending on if brands are targeting consumers or businesses. If content is B2C, its best to post on weekdays at 9am, 12pm and after 5pm – compared to B2B content which is most effective Monday-Friday at 12pm to 3pm.

For more guidance on #WhatTimeIsTheRightTime on each social media platform – check out our infographic below:


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