The Great Brexit Stockpile

Have you started to stockpile food in anticipation of the Apocalypse, aka Brexit?

We might be used to panic buying, and stashing away bread, milk and eggs when there’s mention of snow in the weather forecast, but now there’s a new kid on the block…  The possibility of a no deal Brexit has sent us wild in the aisles – with potential border delays and tariffs on goods coming into the country.

According to Kantar Worldpanel, one in ten shoppers say they are stockpiling food in case of disruption to supplies, and a further quarter (26%) of consumers were considering whether to hoard essentials as the deadline of March 29 looms!

Here’s what the Brexit Stockpiling experts recommend we buy!

  • Dry carbohydrates – rice, pasta and cereals
  • Pulses and beans (kidney beans, butter beans, black beans, chickpeas)
  • Tinned vegetables (carrots, sweetcorn, peas, potatoes)
  • Tinned fish (tuna, sardines, anchovies) or meat
  • Soups, chopped tomatoes and other sauces (tomato puree)
  • Herbs, spices and olive oils
  • Tinned olives, pickled capers and jarred peppers
  • Dried fruits, nuts and sweets
  • Coffee and teabags
  • And non-food items like toilet roll, cleaning products and toiletries

A review of the Brexit prepper posts on Mumsnet by Quartz, also revealed the most common items for stockpiling were pantry staples, over-the-counter drugs and children’s clothes (sized up).

Or if you’re feeling less inspired to think about what you might need, there’s an option for you too… Emergency Food Storage UK has reported sales of hundreds of its Brexit Boxes – each containing a month’s supply of freeze-dried meals and dried meat. The boxes also include a water filter and firelighter system. And the good news?  It’ll keep for 500 years.

So whether you’re a remainer, a remoaner, voted remain or leave, it might just be time to get your shopping list ready.

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