The Best Christmas Advert of 2021

Nothing says “Christmas is finally here!” quite like big-budget UK adverts that are designed to leave you feeling emotional and in the mood to shop until you drop. In the spirit of the holiday season, here at Escapade PR & Marketing we decided to shortlist the best, and crown the winner for the greatest Christmas advertisement of 2021!

JD Sports

With celebrations featuring Ms Banks, Maya Jama, Aitch, KSI, and many more who exemplify JD’s spirit and elevate today’s youth culture, JD Sports’ festive ad showcases the finest of British talent. Though the ad appears to be average at first glance, it quickly becomes apparent that each store has a bit of Christmas magic to it. With less tinsel and snowy hills, JD Sport’s ad is trendier and more relatable in a way that other big brands are not as this brand appeals to a younger audience and embrace the youth.

Welcome to JD Streets


Bounty haters are punching the air right now with this years Celebrations Christmas ad. It tells the story of the Lonely Bounty, who is on the hunt for true love this Christmas. With no luck with online dating, the unloved chocolate bar finally finds his perfect match in one of Christmas’s most hated foods – the Brussels sprout! The two form a questionable romance after the brussels sprout tells Bounty that in fact the best chocolate out of the Celebrations box.

The Lonely Bounty

McDonald’s – Imaginary Iggy

McDonald’s’ heart-breaking Christmas advert has made all parents teary-eyed, reminding them that their children “grow up too fast.” This year’s commercial shows a young girl growing apart from her best imaginary friend Iggy as she matures into a young adult (and in heartbreaking scenes tucks Iggy away in her wardrobe). She recalls her past friend with the help of a McDonald’s Happy Meal.

Imaginary Iggy


*sniff* I am not crying you are! Disney has done it again, with another sweet and heart-warming Christmas story to get us in the holiday spirit of a stepdad navigating his first festive season with Nicole, the granddaughter from last year’s advert and her children. Throughout the advert viewers will be able to see hidden “Make-A-Wish ‘easter eggs’ including two children supported by the charity one of which comes from 13-year-old Dylan whose picture of a cheetah can be seen on the family’s fridge, whose wish was to be an animator”.

The Stepdad

Now we have shortlisted the best Christmas adverts of 2021, it’s time to crown the winner… the winner is ‘The Lonely Bounty’. Celebration advert took a different approach this year with a festive rom-com reminiscent of movies like Bridget Jones’s Diary and Love Actually. With its fun, ageless and simplicity The Lonely Bounty takes the crown of this years Christmas advert.


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