Six Food and Drink Trend Predictions to Look Out For this year!

Now that the year 2021 has come to an end, it’s time to look ahead to what 2022 has instore for us. We witnessed the rise in people indulging in cultural food from many countries on social media and the rise of veganism in 2021. Many of us have also turned to social media such as TikTok for cooking inspirations and tips. But what can we expect from 2022? Here are our predicted trends.

Plant-based Everything

Plant-based food has skyrocketed in the last few years. More consumers are choosing plant-based products over meat and dairy products than ever before. We believe that 2022 will take normalizing plant-based meals to the next level. The plant-based meal will dominate restaurants in the coming’s months.

In the coming year, the concept of moderation and acceptance will undoubtedly take hold, making plant-based food choices in most restaurants’ menus the new norm. Adding a new menu of vegan-friendly alternatives, as well as food that is suitable for everyone will become mainstream.

BritainThinks reports that Gen Z and Millennials are more likely to be vegan than older age groups. Showing that younger people are leading the way when it comes to switching to a plant-based diet or becoming truly vegan.

Robot Cookers and Waiters

This idea is not new in the hospitality industry around the world. Particularly, during the pandemic where contactless and social distancing is essential. 2021 introduced the idea of robot servers, cooks, bus bots and delivery drivers. But soon enough robots will be working in restaurants preparing our meals which will be extremely popular in 2022 and may possibly be the norm. Robots will automate the dining experience, resulting in a speedier and more consistent service… a great tech solution to any staffing shortage.

The first contactless robot servers were introduced in March 2021 in Malaysia by Burhan Mohamed. Some restaurants in Malaysia have used robot waiters to deliver food and beverages to their clients’ tables as part of their Covid-19 counter-measure. Burhan mentioned that “The idea for the robot was made by our procurement advisor and we’ve agreed to give it a go.”


Mocktails may be making a comeback. There has been a shift in consumers’ attitudes toward alcohol after a year of being in a lockdown consuming too much alcohol or refraining from it. Bacardi’s Global Brand Ambassador Survey 2020 reveals that, globally, 0% ABV spirits category received more interest than any other spirits category for 2021 – for the second year running.

Low-ABV is globally the most engaging cocktail to influential bartenders as bars are starting to notice the massive shift and starting to offer non-alcoholic beverages alongside alcoholic beverages. With Dry January and Sober October, it seems the non-alcoholic trend may be here to stay with mocktails all year round.

So, get ready to see more alcohol-free versions of your favourite boozy cocktails in stores, bars, and restaurants.

Potato Milk

Could potato milk be the next big thing in the milk alternative sector? With non-dairy alternative milk like oat, coconut, soya, and almond milk flying off the shelves, there is no reason to believe that potato milk would do the same and do well.

According to Waitrose experts are predicting that potato milk will be huge in 2022 and it is set to dominate coffee shop menus in the coming months. Also, food experts say that potato milk is a sustainable dairy-free option and offers a tasty creamy flavour as well as is low in sugar and saturated fats.

CBD Wine

Yep, you read that right!

The CBD market is growing drastically, mainly to the high demand for healthier food and CBD’s claimed wellness and mental health benefits. This trend is expanding to more traditional grocery stores, making CBD-infused foods and beverages more accessible than ever before. Products like CBD-infused Vita Coco and Trip CBD drinks are slowly becoming more and more popular.

According to Ocado’s Trend of the Year Report 2021, after the inclusion of cannabidiol (CBD) within soft drinks, an emerging trend that has started to gain pace in America, is CBD infused wines. With innovative drinks that blend wine with a low level of CBD. Most are launching in a single-serve can and have low alcohol content.

Chewable Toothpaste

Ditch the toothpaste tube because chewable toothpaste could be making its grand entrance in 2022.

Chewable toothpaste allows consumers to ‘ditch the tube’ and take care of the environment while providing the correct amount of toothpaste for every brush. It seems that chewable toothpaste is seen more convenient option than toothpaste, especially on the go or in a rush.

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