More Than Just A Furry Friend!

After a very long day we can’t wait to get home to our furry friends! Whether they are cats, dogs, rabbits or hamsters their company seems to be the best part of our day. The question of “why?”  isn’t hard to answer but the presence of our loyal companions is far more valuable to our wellbeing than we may think.

According to PDSA, the UK are a nation of pet lovers with “51% of adults owning a pet”. The Blue Cross enlighten us on the wonderful reasons we all need that lovable companion. That overwhelming feeling of contentment when you’re cuddling your pet is not only supporting your mental wellbeing but also your physical health. In that fleeting moment of happiness, your body releases endorphins which not only makes you feel good but also helps to reduce your blood pressure.

Our desire to keep our playful pals entertained, whether it is playing with their favourite toys or taking them on long walks we certainly manage to keep active. Even when they are begging for food and attention these fluffy felines certainly keep us on our toes!

Although the physical benefits are apparent most importantly, our loveable pets provide us with a purpose which stops us feeling so lonely and isolated in desperate times. Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic has been tough on us all, it has uncovered a newfound appreciation for our pets. According to a recent Blue Cross survey, “more than a third of people described their first pet as a best friend”. The peak of the pandemic shattered people’s lives, removing their sense of companionship and leaving them lonelier than ever. However, the affection between a pet and their owner is evidently reciprocated (even if it is in cuddles and licks!)

Whilst the presence of pets in our lives fills us with gratitude it is more fundamental to our health than we may realise. Though love for our pets is continually growing, there are a multitude of reasons we should always cherish our furry friends!

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