Is it too early to say Christmas? Probably… but I’m going for it anyway!

This week Amazon commissioned a new survey to investigate the UK’s festive shopping habits to support the launch of their Christmas Shop and Gift Finder on their website as they found brits spend 882 hours in their lifetime purchasing 1,386 Christmas presents.

But let’s start off with the annual debate of when it is acceptable to put up Christmas decorations. I have to admit, I sit on the December side of the fence, meaning no ‘decs’ until December 1st.  Amazon found that each person would hang 1,827 baubles in their lifetime, so only a couple of weeks left before hanging the 29 baubles on the tree for the this year!

With Black Friday just around the corner (November 23rd), Christmas Presents are already getting some thought but who buys the best gifts in your family or friendship group? Amazon found that partners and spouses received 46% of the votes, followed by mothers (27%) and daughters in third (17%).

And here’s a present tip for all the Christmas Elves out there, 64% of people prefer their present to be a surprise, no pressure!

Amazon also found out that a lucky 27% of adults still receive a Christmas stocking on Christmas Day with chocolate coins being the top stocking filler, followed by satsumas, socks, mini toiletries and lottery cards!

It’s also nearly time for you to start putting together your Christmas playlist because this year alone you will listen to 16 hours of Christmas music and that adds up to 1,008 hours in total. That is the equivalent of listening to Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You 16,000 times and I think with the Escapade office combined, we may be close to ticking that one off!

Mince Pie anyone?! Amazon found out that UK consumers eat on average 504 Mince Pies in their lifetime and consume 1,008 sprouts (I’m definitely bringing the average down for that one!)

Be sure to check out our blog next week – we are stepping into the festive spirit a little more with our Christmas advert reviews!

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