Is the Future of Food Blue?

Don’t adjust your screen, this isn’t one of those ‘what colour can you see’ tests that are set to drive you crazy… this really is all about the latest trend towards blue food. Yes, blue.

Earlier this year, Innocent launched a blue drink, Bolt from the Blue, and took on the world of social media to defend its colouring, with customers insisting it actually looked green. No, it’s apparently ‘definitely blue’.

Blue isn’t really a colour we associate with food. And after plenty of googling, it would appear that there’s much debate as to whether blue foods occur naturally. Instead, is this move towards blue actually a brilliant psychological play from the marketing team? Blue is a colour that evokes feelings of trust, loyalty, dependability, logic, serenity and security – and of course with its pure novelty factor, consumers are bound to be drawn to it on shelf.

2019 is the year that food and drink brands embrace blue, appealing to the more experimental consumer, keen to get their hands on the latest Instagram craze. According to Meltwater, Professor David Levy, at the University of Washington, calls the phenomenon “popcorn brain,” describing brains as being so accustomed to constant stimulation from electronic multitasking that consumers seek to replicate their online experiences, offline, where things “pop” at a much slower pace. So perhaps nothing is truly off limits when it comes to food… be it flavour combinations, or colours?

So, what can we expect from the blue movement?

Wine. Red, white, rose… and now blue! The world’s first Blue Wine was first launched four years ago, but is gathering pace on Instagram now. The brainchild of six entrepreneurs in their 20s, Gik is a bright blue wine from northwest Spain made with red and white grapes.

Described by Gik as: ‘Slightly citrus with fruity notes’ and with 11.5% alcohol, the company states ‘We are not allowed to call it wine in the EU because it’s blue. No rules. No traditions. Enjoy your blue how and when you want. It’s a colour frequently associated with flow and change.’ And it’s certainly a change we can get behind!

And what better accompaniment to blue wine than blue crisps? Consumers in the US are being treated to Blue Corn Tortilla Chips from Mission, and it’s surely only a matter of time before they cross the pond.

Speaking of which… can you get any more British than a good cuppa? While we’re all pretty familiar with green tea, black tea, white tea and various herbal blends, have you ever tried blue tea? According to Kausshal Dugarr, founder and CEO of, and Tea expert Rishav Kanoi, founder of The Tea Trove, blue tea is not only tasty, but has plenty of health benefits too! With antioxidant and anti-diabetic properties, it’s reportedly great for hair and skin, energises and boosts brain activity, treats anxiety and depression and magnifies beauty!

There’s no better match for tea than cake, so if you’re feeling inspired, why not rustle up a Blue Velvet Cake? A twist on the traditional red favourite, this cake was first inspired by the royal heirloom sapphire engagement ring.

Ready to embrace the latest in food trends? Get ready for your favourite treats, in blue.

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