Last week Google celebrated its 20th birthday!  We know!  It seems crazy to think that, twenty years ago, two students in a garage made it their life mission to organise all the information in the world for everyone to use – and Google was born.

It has since grown into an empire that not only allows us to access useful (and not-so-useful) information, but gives directions with Google Maps, helps us keep in touch with Gmail and gives us life lessons – like how to tie a tie – with YouTube videos.

Since Larry Page and Sergey Brin launched Google Search on 4 September 1998, it has become the go-to place for answers to simple, stupid or difficult questions. It allows us to communicate in over 100 languages with Google Translate and lets us explore places we would otherwise never see thanks to Google Earth. 

Over the years Google went from being a simple search engine to a global tech titan offering searches in more than 150 languages in over 190 countries, yet there has been one thing that’s remained the same, the homepage Doodle.  And to celebrate the tech giant created its own special animated google doodle, that chronicles some of the most popular search trends of the last two decades.

Google also scattered fun ‘Easter eggs’ amongst its assets. A number of circa 1998-style phrases inputted into the search engine will now prompt the suggestion “It’s 2018! Did you mean?…” before giving the modern equivalent, showing just how far we’ve come in the last 20 years.

According to PR Moment, there are 17 search terms that have been found so far which give the following alternative suggestions:

mp3 file stream music
watch a dvd streaming subscription
googol Google
gettin’ jiggy wit it floss dance
page me New phone, who dis?
butterfly clip styles top knot
soccer world champions 1998 soccer world champions 2018
chat room text the group
how to tell someone you like them swipe right
low-rider pants how to style high-waisted pants
digital pet fidget spinner
baby bae
what is Y2K? how does cryptocurrency work?
screen name social handle
clip art GIF

Unfortunately we have tried them but had no such luck! Maybe Google have turned them off already! None the less, give them a try and see if it works. One that I can confirm definitely does work is ”askew”   

Anyways Happy Birthday Google!  We would be lost without you!

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