This month, we’ve been working with a host of some of our favourite influencers from the world of interiors for our client 3M Command! We took the time to speak to award winning blogger Geraldine Tan, who set up Little Big Bell, voted one of the Evening Standard’s Top 5 Instagrams to follow!

When did you first set up your social channels, and what got you started?

Instagram is my main social channel. I started it around four years ago. It was all by accident. I wasn’t into social media at all. I had won a giveaway on a fellow blogger’s blog and she announced it on Instagram. People were congratulating me there but I didn’t have an account. In essence, to be polite, I signed up so that I could thank everyone. Once I started Instagram, I was hooked.

How has the digital landscape changed for you and how you share content since then?

Social media is always evolving. Right now the most popular channel for me is Instagram and insta stories.  Since the introduction of links and highlights on Insta stories, my blog traffic has increased considerably.

What advice would you give a brand or interior PR representative looking to potentially work with you on creating content? 

I always work well with companies who have done their research and know the type of content that I can create and trust me to do so. They also address me on email with my name rather than just Hey! or someone else’s name.

It’s also important for brands to appreciate that content creation and promotion takes a lot of time and effort and therefore should be prepared to financially compensate the creator for the work done. I tend to work with brands and PR’s I’ve had a good relationship with and who are open to hearing my ideas. My big no nos for brands and PRs are:

  1. Those who pitch bloggers or content creators against each other in competitions.
  2. Those who are just looking for the cheapest quote, not regarding the quality of content to be created.
  3. Those who cite exposure as the only compensation for work to be created.
  4. Those who do not reply to emails.

What kind of projects do you enjoy doing most?

My absolute favourite is styling and photographing room sets and products at home. This is always the best way to promote products and furniture, as it allows my readers or followers to visualise how they too can incorporate it into their everyday lives and own home settings.

What advice would you give someone looking to build their social channels?

I would say to not be obsessed with follower numbers. It really is the genuine engagement that counts, especially when working with brands. If you create your own original content that best illustrates your aesthetic and stay true to it, the followers will soon come.

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