#GETTOKNOW Lauren Tickner

This year we’re excited to bring you a monthly instalment of short interviews, with some of our favourite digital influencers. Hopefully this will help you get know the face behind the page, and how best to collaborate with these guys on upcoming campaigns! We’re kicking our #GETTOKNOW feature with one of our fitness and business lovelies Lauren Ticker!

When did you first set up your social channels, and what got you started?

I first started on Instagram around 4 years ago. It’s quite a funny story, actually…

I remember making my Instagram and setting my profile as ‘private’ – my username was “fitnesslifelauren” and I posted food, and nothing about myself. I didn’t want anybody to know about what I was doing! I started the account because I saw this fitness community online, and as a 17 year old girl, I was so alone in my journey – none of my girl friends were into lifting or this lifestyle. So, I made my account!

However, I felt like I wasn’t able to connect with as many people as I wanted to be able to because my profile was private, so I made it public.

Then, around 3 months later… everybody from school found it. I was mortified and wanted to just hide away!

I was bullied about it at school and even still have a photo on my phone that the boys in my year posted to their Instagram pages mocking me.

Four years on and it’s a little different, but looking back it does still upset me as I hate how people fear to be themselves due to judgement!

How has the digital landscape changed for you and how you share content since then?

Oh gosh, MASSIVELY! I suppose there are two big pieces that come into play when it comes to answering this question

Firstly, I am no longer worried about what people think. I know that my brand is a collection of my values and I know that my values truly will positively impact the lives of others. I was so young then and wasn’t really taken seriously. However, I think I’ve made a good case for anybody who is young who wants to be taken seriously in business! Age doesn’t matter as long as you know what you’re talking about and can show that what you’re doing really is important and impactful.

Secondly, nobody cared about personal branding. Now, it is everything. It’s a lot more saturated these days and you have to do a lot more to stand out. It’s all about knowing your target audience. As the saying goes, your vibe attracts your tribe – and I truly think that is so important today.

What advice would you give a brand or PR representative looking to potentially work with you to create content?

Honestly, I think it’s so important that  PR companies do their research before reaching out to anybody. Just like how, before I reach out to brands for potential collaborations, I ensure I fully know the ins and outs of the brand, their current vision, marketing strategy and products, I think It is a game changer and deal breaker when PR reps know about me! I love it when a representative mentions some of my content for a while back, or that they’re aware of my podcast. I also think it’s just the loveliest thing when they know about my messaging. I have created a personal brand built around both fitness AND business (my podcast is called The Business Meets Fitness Podcast for example) – so I think it’s cool when PR firms see that, and don’t associate me with just fitness content or only with health brands. Similarly, I think it is viral for them to know my morals. For example, knowing that I don’t associate myself with detox teas or anything that may promote a negative mindset for my followers, is something that I think is really important when a PR rep contacts me!

What kind of projects do you enjoy doing most?

I love creating content. Honesty, I find it so enjoyable. Recently I’ve taken a liking to building online courses about personal branding and growing your online business which I think is going to be my primary business model from now on. With regards to working on projects with other brands, I think long term collaborations are the best! It enables you to build an organic and friendly relationship with a brand, which I think comes across so naturally and seamlessly on social media!

What advice would you give someone looking to build their social channels?

Provide consistent value over time on a topic that you’re passionate about! <3

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