The Free Instagram Marketing Tools Worth Your Time!

If you are looking to use Instagram as a marketing tool, it is not an easy task to make it a success! Simply starting a page is the easy part; you then have to create beautiful content, grow your account, engage with followers, answer DMs, find influencers, the list is endless!

Luckily, there are some great free tools out there that can help make page managament a much easier process. Here’s our pick of three favourites from that we think are definitely worth the time investment.


Instagram already allows users to edit their content before publishing; however, their filters are quite limited and sometimes look unnatural. Most brands strive for an appealing and consistent aesthetic, thus they use tools to make their images stand out.

Instasize provides users with more than 80 filters that you can use on pictures and videos, curated by professional photographers. In addition to the ready-made filters, you can customize the details of your pictures by adjusting sharpness, brightness, exposure, contrast, etc. It also enables you to put several photos together in one of the collage layouts.

To get your message across, you might want to add text to your images. Instasize gives you access to over 50 unique fonts which are easy to manipulate and edit.


You may not consider how all the pictures you post look together, but when consumers click on your profile, this is the first thing they see. Thus, in order to have a coherent and attractive profile, you need to engage in planning your grid layout. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow you to rearrange posted pictures, so you can’t change the look of your profile once you upload the the images. That’s why most brands and influencers use tools to plan their grid in advance.

The Preview app does exactly that. You upload multiple photos and then rearrange them by dragging them to the right place, swapping two pictures, or shuffling several pictures.

Image result for preview app

Once you find the look you are satisfied with, you can add captions and hashtags to each photo and schedule Preview to remind you to post it at a certain time. To post the photo, you press the Export button, choose Instagram and paste the caption and hashtags.


Hashtags on Instagram are the best way to discover new content. Instagram even allows users to follow hashtags, which means that by using certain hashtags you can get your posts in front of people who don’t even follow your account.

You might have heard the rumours that Instagram shadowbans hashtag overuse or the use of certain hashtags, and because of this, many users are hesitant to use hashtags all together. The truth is, Instagram has always favoured the use of relevant and specific hashtags – therefore, these are the ones you should be using.

With RiteTag, you can assess a specific hashtag of your choosing or generate hashtags for your Instagram post. It will tell you which hashtags are hot, which are overused, and which are shadowbanned.

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