Where did your favourite brand come? – Top 100 Conscious Brands

2020 was a year like no other, where the coronavirus pandemic turned the world upside down and everyone had to adapt to a new (and constantly changing) “normal.” As people were locked away inside, brands also had to adapt to the changing world in ways they hadn’t previously anticipated, in particular, they were encouraged to be more empathetic.

223 brands in the UK, USA and China were recently rated by 9,000 global consumers across six criteria categories; empathy, morality, collectivism, reform and multisensory, which were considered crucial to being described as a “Conscious Brand”

So how did the brands do according to the inaugural list, which was announced by Wolff Olins and Hall & Partners…

“Unsurprisingly, it’s the brands that helped us to stay connected and healthy or keep boredom at bay that we’ve come to rely on and value the most,” Sairah Ashman, global CEO at Wolff Olins, said.

Microsoft tops the list having scored highly due mainly to its video platform, Microsoft Teams, which has been instrumental in helping businesses and employees stay connected during a long period of remote working. The company also claims that last year they have donated billions of dollars to non-profits.

Second on the list was Headspace, a mental wellness company, which offers guided meditations, animations, articles and videos to enable people to experience the benefits of meditations anywhere and at any time.

Third on the list was Youtube. With more time at home and a boom in DIY home improvements (mostly requiring “how to” guidance), it’s easy to see why they placed so highly on the list. Pfizer and Google placed fourth and fifth.

Spending more time at home inevitably meant more time in front of the tv, so understandably Netflix, Disney and Pixar featured within the top 10 – definitely some of the brands to help keep boredom at bay!

Also high up the list (seventh place in fact) was the much loved, and relied upon, Amazon. Whether it was for deliveries of your much needed items or streaming of your favourite shows/films, Amazon definitely provided many benefits to our time isolating, quarantined or locked down at home.

Where did your favourite brands come in on the Top 100 global brands list of Conscious Brands?


Source: https://www.adweek.com/brand-marketing/microsoft-named-2020s-most-conscious-brand-beating-pfizer-google-and-amazon/ 

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