Do you remember your first ever blog post?

This week the consumer PR team at Escapade has been joined by the lovely Beth Glover who is currently in her final year of studying English Language and Communication at Cardiff University. As part of her induction into the wonderful world of PR, we tasked Beth to write her first ever blog post on any topic or market that she found interesting. So here’s Beth, with her views on all things food, fitness and even fashion!


Is it just me or is everyone, everywhere, jumping on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon? My Instagram newsfeed is forever filled with the likes of Kayla Itsines and Jen Selter motivating me to get my squats in for the day, and foodies like Deliciously Ella and Hemsley and Hemsley with their incredible recipes are popping up across social media. It’s a craze that seems to be growing, and growing quickly!

For me, I was first introduced to the importance of eating well by my sister. Now studying Naturopathic Nutrition, she has been into healthy everything for years now. After mocking her for eating leaves and ingredients I had never heard of like bee pollen(?!) I am increasingly eating foods that a year or two ago I would have laughed at. I now find myself substituting white rice for brown, and couscous for quinoa without even really realising!  And it’s not just me…

I would be super surprised if you have eaten out lately and not seen sweet potato fries on the menu. It seems that “fast food” is quickly falling behind the times, and ingredients like coconut oil and chia seeds are taking centre stage! Hopefully this also means that menus will grow in the number of options they have for veggies, vegans and gluten-free. Recently I have given up meat for lent and one thing I have realised when eating out is that there tends to be significantly less choice on the menu. However, given how indecisive I can be that has actually been a benefit!

Along with the blenders, juicers and protein shakes of course comes the fitness craze. Due to fitness queens like Kayla and Lucy Mecklenburgh, at-home workouts have become really popular and made keeping fit doable and possible for everyone. More and more people are now exposed to quick workouts to fit into their busy lifestyles through social media PR – what can social media not do?!  So whether it was having no time or having no money to get to the gym, now you can keep fit without either. Although it does cost money to sign up to these online fitness guides, it is still less than your average gym membership. Plus you can always do it with your friends!

As well as these “everyday” ladies encouraging us women to get strong, healthy and happy, keeping fit has also got fashionable. Literally! There are fitness fashion lines appearing everywhere! The fitness range at high street shops like H&M and Primark has stretched out recently to online stores too like Missguided and ASOS. So if you can feel good and like what you’re wearing while exercising, and workout at home in half an hour without spending hours at the gym, why not?

Although you can never be sure that everyone is joining the health and fitness craze for the right reasons, it seems that most people are engaging in it to simply feel good and be happy! Now, I am no expert, but even I have noticed how eating colourful, healthy food can really make a difference to how you feel. Perhaps it is more that when you don’t eat the right stuff you just get that “eugh” feeling. It has to be said though that the world is definitely on some kind of health-kick, as everywhere you go we are being encouraged to be healthy and happy – and that can’t be a bad thing!

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