Team building can take on so many different forms, and with teams working remotely, it’s time to get creative! Well as creative as you can with Zoom at your fingertips! Good company culture is something every business aspires towards, and perhaps now is a great reason to get some new practices in place!

While most of us are working remotely from home, research from Cigna Europe has revealed that nine in ten Brits say they have become closer with workmates during lockdown, and work-related stress has fallen by ten per cent. Commuting from the bedroom to the lounge does have its benefits!

Employees are maintaining good relationships with colleagues during this time (up from 86% in January 2020), while 82% said the same with supervisors (up from 74% in January 2020) – which has huge benefits for business, as well as the overall company culture.

But according to a study by Vodafone, 41% of UK workers are missing office banter and spending time with their work friends (40%). The struggle is real when it comes to challenges – having company around you (35%), sticking to a routine (32%), bouncing ideas off one another (30%) and the motivational office buzz (22%) are what we’re missing at home.

We’re all accustomed to hopping on a video call now, seeing each other with various states of hair and dress – seeing employees children, pets and partners! Seeing each other and hearing from each other, really is the best way to stay connected – and on top of the to do list! While we can’t be together physically, or we’re at a distance, keeping communication key is crucial to ensure we’re all keeping in touch and keeping positive.

Here are some ideas to get you started on your new remote team building:

  1. Friday night Zoom or HouseParty Drinks
  2. Monday morning challenge – the all important Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting to start the week, can you challenge your team to dictate the dress code – matching clothes, silly hats, most creative morning coffee or background?
  3. Create ‘no work chat’ WhatsApp groups to keep morale up
  4. Midweek quizzes – check out Buzzfeed, or what character are you quizzes, employees encouraged to share their results on group emails
  5. Coffee mornings, where work chat is strictly banned, catch up on news, family and lockdown dating!
  6. Virtual team lunches
  7. Mindfulness sessions to keep mental health front of mind
  8. Incentivised activity – can you send small treats, gift cards or care packages to share as a group? Cooking boxes, cocktail kits the ideas are endless
  9. Share a word or a positive moment from the week, and revel in a moment of happiness!
  10. Can you implement a post Covid change group? What do employees want to see in the future, and can we take learnings from this remote working?


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