Best TikTok Trends/Challenges of 2021 – from #pinkychallenge to BING BONG!

It’s easy to lose track of time and fall into the mindless trap of scrolling while on your phone, whether you’re on TikTok or not. Every month, TikTok has a ton of new trends, which has blessed our ‘for you page’. So, here are some TikTok trends of 2021 that has helped us get through the year.

Passing the phone

This challenge can either hurt your feelings or not. Passing the phone challenge starts with someone with the phone and says, “I’m passing the phone to,” then describes the person in a shady or positive way who they want to pass the phone to. The next person then records themselves saying who they’re passing the phone to. Usually, this challenge ends friendships or fight the person in the room. #messytiktok


#passthephone Disney Edition!🏰🤣 @musikay @helloitslolo @tiffanyyto @jujuribs_ @emmacharper #disney #fyp #passthephonechallenge

♬ original sound – Pixel Playhouse


You may have stumbled across the #pinkyfingerchallenge on your FYP recently to the song of ‘Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye where you see Tiktokers tapping their index, middle, ring, and pinkie finger against their thumb. Tiktokers are debating on which finger does the song end on either the pinkie or the ring finger. But, if you ask me, the song definitely ends on the pinkie finger, try it out for yourself.

Unlock it/Face ID Trend

Another viral video that has been going around TikTok is all about impersonating your favourite celebrity to get their money. The POV style trend imagines how users would impersonate a celebrity’s typical expression and mannerisms to unlock their stolen phone using the iPhone Face ID feature.

“POV: you steal The Rocks phone, and it asks for Face ID on Apple pay.” The user @pak.the.pebble – gives their best Dwayne Johnson impression by raising his eyebrows, a serious expression on their face. This specific TikTok received an amazing 6.5 million views.

Check out more videos below:


POV: you stole Kevin Hart’s phone and his Apple Pay has Face ID #unlockit

♬ apple pay w brittany laugh – requiem for a meme

Bing Bong!

You have been living under a rock if you haven’t seen this TikTok trend. This viral trend emerged out of a video in the streets of New York from the show Side Talk, hosted by Jack Byrne and Trent Simonian which is featured on YouTube and Instagram. This craze has gone so far that Lil Nas X, Normani, Avril Lavigne, and a bunch of other celebrities have recreated the one-minute clip saying the popular lines “Bing Bong” and “What’s up, baby? “Take me out to dinner?

I understood the assignment

If you have heard the phrase “I understood the assignment” a lot lately, you can bet it came from TikTok.

Tay Money released a song called, you guessed it, “The Assignment” earlier this year, and Tiktokers has taken it to a whole new level by using the music to show off their own skills or accomplishments.

One popular video is of three best friends having babies at the same time together. The video is from @fluellenfam with 25.9 million views.


Ready for round 3? @ashtonpaz4 @taylorchapman__ 😉😂 #babysquad #iunderstoodtheassignment #2under2

♬ The Assignment – Tay Money

“Oh no! Our table! It’s broken!”

TikTok has an extraordinary ability to transform something old and make it new. This year, one of the oddest audio/video recordings resurface on the internet and became viral once more. The short clip shows a boy piling bricks on a glass table, which then shatters underweight (not surprised). The boy, startled, jumps away from the table as he says the now-iconic phrase, “Oh no! Our table! It’s broken!” Tiktokers have turned the sound into a challenge, attempting to record themselves over the audio without laughing. Most Tiktokers are not successful, bursting into laughter as soon as the boy in the video begins to talk. This trend has taken off and resulted in multiple videos, millions of views and likes and remixes.

Zoom Meeting Gone Wrong

Zoom has become our best friend as more and more people work and study from home, therefore it’s only natural that we had a few incidences of forgetting to turn off our camera or mute our mics and ending up in an awkward situation.

One TikTok that went viral was from @thiswellplannedlife, where she is completely unaware that her camera is turned on and she keeps making irritated hand motions for her boss to hurry and wrap up the zoom call.

These were some of the top picks of the best TikTok trends of 2021 that had us scrolling for hours and escaping reality.

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