Work from home… have you loved it, hated it or are you somewhere in the middle?

With it being almost a year on since many of us first started working remotely (wow!) we take a quick look back at our work from home experiences here at Escapade and some learnings we’ve gained along the way.

Keep in touch

Some remote working days have become a permanent solution post-pandemic for lots of businesses around the UK which means video calling is here to stay.

Not only has Zoom played a key role in essential communication in the office during the past year, it’s also played a very social role. For many, a video call could be the only form of face-to-face interaction in day and so provides a great tool for ensuring colleagues still have someone to talk to outside the home, whether work related or not.

The biggest take away from this is that it’s important to keep in touch and ensure to maintain a relationship with those around you. Physical distance doesn’t need to result in being personally distant.

Don’t underestimate a walk

Working from home brought many conveniences along with it, and one of these is having virtually no commute time – or really you just have the distance from your bed to your desk.

With this there’s less planned time to get out to stretch the legs. During the first lockdown who else jumped on the walking bandwagon to battle the reality of less time spent at home? Daily walks became an everyday occasion for many around the UK and is honestly something that has been well worth the time. After being stuck inside all day it’s amazing what a bit of fresh air can do. Let’s hope the frequent walks are here to stay!

Snack mindfully

Being at home and within an arm’s length of endless snacks meant one thing – my hands were found in the cookie jar more times than I’d like to admit. One thing to take from being at home so often is that it works well to ensure you have a lunch time in mind specifically for eating (just like how you would in the office). Some sort of schedule really helps to keep the snacking at bay, as opposed to scouring the cupboards every time you’re feeling a little ‘peckish’.

Flexible working can work

The past year or so has really shown that being flexible at work really can happen. It’s all about communication and ensuring colleagues know when you are or aren’t available and ensuring there’s always someone on the team around at all times.

It’s good to have space

It’s important to set a boundary between work and play. For many who live with a partner or have kids also at home 24/7 you’ll know the daily struggles of spending so much time with the same people day in, day out. Setting boundaries by having a workspace in a different room has done wonders for productivity and maintaining a happy home.

New faces are very much more appreciated than previously had been before the pandemic, so hopefully we’ll appreciate just the little social exchanges much more when the time arises.

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