Where do you share? Snapchat vs Instagram Stories

It’s Friday … Nearly the weekend, yay! What are your plans? Will you be meeting up with friends, going away for the weekend or maybe even celebrating a Birthday?!

All weekend our social feeds are filled with photos and clips of people having fun on their two well-deserved days off; whether this is sharing a snapshot of a delicious pizza, a beautiful scene during a Sunday dog walk or a group photo of friends being reunited.

But where do you share? Snapchat or Instagram Stories?

At first, it could be argued that users were not sure about Instagram Stories, but one year on, they have ran into the lead with 250 million daily users, compared to Snapchat’s 166 million¹.

Maybe this is because of the features Instagram Stories offers that Snapchat fails to. For example, the ability to tag friends – commonly used for Happy Birthdays; being able to tag locations and having the opportunity to take a short repetitive video… Let’s be honest a boomerang of clinking glasses never gets old!

This week Instagram has taken their stories a step further by making them more interactive by introducing polling stickers to stories. The polls are already a hit with users and influencers, but some users were surprised to find out that they are not anonymous!

Forbes found that influencers were on side with Instagram stories too as they experience 3 to 5 times higher engagement rates than on Snapchat². Potentially due to Instagram’s stories swipe up function where links can be easily shared.

So what does Snapchat have up its sleeve? Due to lower engagement rates could Snapchat become a place free from advertisement and promotions?

Saying that, Snapchat users are still creating more than 20 messages or ‘snaps’ a day³ proving to still be a popular social too. So where will you share this weekend? Snapchat or Instagram Stories?

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