Times are ever changing, and with younger couples ditching tradition in favour of uniqueness, an unsuspecting modern trend has prompted big pizza businesses to look to market their products at weddings across the UK.

And as wedding season is in full swing, two hopeful brands are looking to make use of the latest wedding trend that sees pizza as an increasingly popular catering option at wedding venues.

That’s right, if you’re getting married this year or if you know someone who is, considering pizza as a food option may be a winner with your guests – because who doesn’t love pizza after all?

Pizza giant, Chicago Town has launched its very own pizza themed bridal package competition for those who are set to get hitched this year. A lucky couple will be in with a chance of winning an exclusive bridal package which includes: a pepperoni wedding dress, a dough ball bouquet, a six-tier wedding cake made from pizza, and a honeymoon in Chicago.

As random as it may seem, pairing pizza with weddings has a little more to it than just a bit of light-hearted fun for the brand. This stunt has come about from a recent poll of theirs which suggests that wedding guests are more concerned about the food that is served at a wedding, rather than the wedding itself. The poll revealed that 65% of Brits would be more excited about attending a wedding if they knew that pizza would be served, which also coincides with an increase in requests for the company to provide pizza as a catering option for wedding guests.

Joining the wedding pizza bandwagon, Domino’s Pizza, is also running a competition for brides and grooms to get their pizza fix on the big day. 10 lucky couples will receive free catering where they can choose from 20 of their favourite pizzas to serve to their guests.

Similarly to Chicago Town, the brand has seen an increase in the number of weddings that its pizzas are requested for. Ian Straughan, Head of Product Innovation at Domino’s notes that there’s a “growing trend from couples ordering pizza to provide wedding guests with a fun, modern twist on their big day.”

Their latest research has found that 46% of wedding guests admit to being served food they didn’t like and 22% admit that they would rather eat pizza as opposed to a formal meal at a wedding.

So, if you’re planning on tying the knot, keep an eye out for pizza-filled wedding packages to spice up your wedding day!

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