The Importance of Choosing the Right Celebrity

It seems that in this day and age, we are surrounded by the daily musings of celebrities across the media, from David Beckham crashing his car to the latest red carpet ‘nip slip’. Let’s face it, when it happens, we want to know about it! As we are all too aware however, as quickly as a celebrity can build their profile, the media can also cause it to rapidly come crashing down with a bang!

Having had the opportunity to work on a handful of high-profile celebrity PR campaigns, I know that celebrities have the kind of media magnetism that could be considered unrivalled. However when it comes to associating a celebrity with a brand, it is more important than ever to get it spot on. A good example of this is the consumer PR campaign that Escapade launched for the Kalixa Pro Spirit of Small Business Awards, in order to drive sales of the Kalixa Pro device.

We signed Michelle Mone, a high profile business woman as a judge and ambassador of the awards. We wanted to increase brand awareness of Kalixa Pro to the independent business owner, and by recruiting Michelle Mone we were able to inject an element of ‘everyday’ into a financial solutions product, ultimately increasing the desirability of the brand.

Our most recent campaign saw our client Post-it Brand from 3M sign the gorgeous Katie Piper as an ambassador to launch its #makeithappen campaign. The brief was to align the brand with notion of positive affirmations, happiness, making small changes and setting achievable goals. We looked to find an individual in the public eye who had experienced conflict in their life, but who had overcome their conflict by staying positive and never to give up on their dreams.

Naturally Katie Piper is a woman that exudes the above criteria; she is not only a ‘celebrity’ but also a role model for so many people, and constantly offers her support on how to stay positive. One of Katie Piper’s go-to pieces of advice is to “set some small, achievable goals to aim for, and go for them. Don’t give up. Anything is possible.”

The Post-it #makeithappen campaign and Katie’s story fit like a glove, as Katie actually uses Post-it notes in order to write down positive affirmations, another great way to help boost positivity and stay on track with your goals. The campaign launched at the end of February and has seen a wonderful pick-up across the media. It does go to show that with the right ‘celebrity’ and a brand campaign that intertwine with one another, the public will respond!

Of course not all celebrity campaigns run smoothly, and looking for a celebrity with the right followers, the time to commit to a campaign and someone who is not overexposed is essential! To really see PR exposure convert into commercial success, having a natural alignment to the brand is becoming increasingly vital. Unfortunately it is no longer enough to throw money at a face for the mere fact that they are in the midst of their five minutes of fame!

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