Santa Claws – The Growing Phenomenon of Treating Your Pets at Christmas

For some of us these days no individual is more spoilt at Christmas than our pets, in particular our cats and dogs! Pet retailers and supermarkets alike stock all sorts of festive fair to enable our beloved fur balls to see the Christmas season through with us! From advent calendars and festive themed toys to stockings and Christmas outfits (including matching dog and owner outfits!)

There are a huge range of Christmas outfit options for your furry friends, I have already got my eye on the outfit which my dog, Bella, will be wearing this year – I think she will make an excellent sprout, and Pets at Home have the answer to her festive fashion needs!

Here is a list of my top 5 festive dog picks:

and of course… Top 5 festive cat picks:

And… On Christmas day we must not forget to include our pets in the festive meal, but if you don’t feel like sharing yours with your pet a lot of pet retailers have their own versions, such as this free range turkey feast from McAdams for cats and this spectacular three bird feast from Lily’s Kitchen for dogs. Or if you’d rather make your pet feel pampered with a homemade Christmas dinner there are recipes available online such as this one from Borrow My Doggy. Don’t forget to consult your vet if your pet has any specific health issues! Have a read of these guidelines to know what you definitely should not be feeding your pets at Christmas.

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