This week saw the release of the 2019 YouGov Brand Health ranking, and if like me, you love a list, then this is definitely one for you.

2019 has been good news for retail pr with department store John Lewis topping the chart for the second year running – with a hat tip to its solid reputation for customer service and product quality. It’s closely followed by Swedish favourite and sustainability savvy Ikea, and British staple Marks and Spencer.

The rankings, compiled from consumer interviews taking place between July 2018 and June 2019, reveal consumer views on 1,500 brands in the UK – to build an overall perception Index score – taking into account value, quality, reputation, satisfaction scores and whether people would recommend the brand.

It may come as surprise that the top three highest ranked brands are all from the retail sector, given news reports on the ‘struggling high street’. These rankings suggest that ‘companies need more than beloved brand to secure a long-term future’.

New entrants to the 2019 rankings also share a rich British history, with brands including Royal Mail and Cadbury benefitting from consumer affection. While notable exclusions this year include BBC iPlayer and BBC One which have both disappeared from the top ten this year, as a result of scores decreasing with consumers aged 50+, potentially as a result of the axing of free license fees for those aged over 75.

When looking at the most improved brands, streaming service Netflix tops the list, followed by Uber, and British Airways – who have all had a great year in the eye of the British consumer.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, eight of the top ten healthiest brands in the world hail from the tech arena. Everyone’s favourite search engine Google is ranked number one, followed by WhatsApp (imagine life without WhatsApp!), YouTube, Samsung and Facebook. And the two non-tech brands making the global chart? Nike and Ikea.

On a personal note, I’m delighted to see Lotus Biscoff increasing up the rankings to 9th on the Top Index Improvers. Looks like there will be plenty more Lotus collaboration products on the horizon then!

If you’re still hungry for lists, you can check out the full 2019 Index Rankings here.

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