Remember, remember when crowds used to gather?

2020 has been a year like no other! The coronavirus pandemic has seen us all staying inside for months on end, elbow bumps replace hugs and even panic buying of toilet roll and pasta.

With the rule of six applying to groups across the whole country, crowds gathering for sports tournaments, festivals and concerts seem like a distant memory now. And as cases continue to rise, it may be a while before we see these types of gatherings occurring again.

So how did the world adapt and what have we got to look forward to?

Music Festivals

Although nothing was going to replace pitching your tent in a muddy field and listening to live music with your best friends, a wave of virtual festivals quickly became available over summer 2020. According to “to qualify as a ‘virtual festival’, it needs to offer a live element for those special, fleeting festival moments, plus some form of interactive fun or the ability to meet up with friends.”

Lost Horizon in July saw virtual sets from the likes of Fatboy Slim, Peggy Gou and Carl Cox. Wireless connect had 360​° immersive virtual ​reality on smartphones and VR headsets for their three day event and Junction 2 had 3D digital setting containing a virtual dancefloor, digital art exhibitions and a series of live-streamed DJ sets.

Sporting events

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused huge disruption to sporting events this year with most international events being cancelled or postponed. The Tokyo Olympics 2020 has been postponed to 2021, as well as Euro2020, whereas the Tour de France managed to postpone their event until 29 August when the event went ahead.

However, the London Marathon took a different approach with their 40th race. For the first time ever, on October 4 2020, organisers invited the 45,000 participants to run the marathon their own way in a virtual event. Thanks to their app, participants were able to track and log their 26.6 miles while listening to exclusive audio commentary to help bring the virtual experience to life.

What about bonfire night?

Wrapping the family up warm to head to your local fireworks night may not be the same this year but all is not lost!

Across the country event organisers are planning drive in fireworks displays. For example, in Cambridgeshire you can grab tickets for a new drive-in firework display on Saturday 7 November. Visitors will still be able to enjoy an amazing fireworks show but from the comfort of their own cars. According to CambridgeshireLive, the organisers of the event have also said that visitors may watch the fireworks outside of their car as long as they wear a face mask and stay within touching distance of their cars.

Alternatively, on November 5 2020 (and also on November 14) you can take part in the Great STAY AT HOME Fireworks Display! According to, the concept is simple… with your close family and /or your shielding bubble, grab a deal on your garden fireworks from, fill your dining table up with tasty nibbles and after that, you’re ready to celebrate the spirit of the Season.


It may be a while until we see the big crowds gathering again but that is not stopping us still having fun and celebrating together!


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