Instagram has evolved into a platform for sharing big moments and killer selfies. You have certainly seen that Instagram has been swarmed with photo dumps lately – the current trendy way to share pictures on social media that is breaking the Instagram aesthetic norm.

Instagram is now more focused on video content, whilst images have become a way to celebrate accomplishments and share pieces of our life. As video “reels” take over, photo dumps are changing users’ intention and behaviour that feels we as businesses or users should be aware of.

Photo dumps are a method for creators, businesses, and users to say, “so what”, or “let’s be more authentic”. Which is something that everybody can embrace and participate in.

What is an Instagram Photo Dump?

If you are new to the trend, a “photo dump” is essentially a photo carousel that typically features multiple, unrelated pictures. You’ve probably noticed that your Instagram feed is full of photo dumps or you might even have posted a few yourself.

These unfiltered pictures contrast with Instagram’s typical hyper-aesthetic and heavy curation style. In the last year, the trend has also caught on among celebrities. Everyone has been known to dump, including singer Sza, rapper Megan Thee Stallion and Kylie Jenner.

How to Make The Perfect Photo Dump

You don’t have to be a content creator or an influencer to join this trend – it works for brands and businesses too. This is a great opportunity to be more laid back and shows a different side of your brand.

Here are three-step to get a perfect photo dump:

#1 Set Your Photo Dump Goals

Start to think about what you want to achieve with your audience through your photo dump post. Once that has been done, you can start finding ways in which direction you would like your photo dump to be. Do you want to capture a time frame or an event? Or do want to express a mood?

#2 Curate Your Photo Dump Content

You may find that your photo dump might appear to be a random selection, but your initial photo in your carousel post should be strategically chosen. Stat your photo dump with a captivating image, GIF, or video that will persuade your audience to swipe for more.

#3 Create the Perfect Photo Dump Caption

After you have chosen your photos, write a caption to go with them. Keep in mind that your carousel is telling a story, so your caption is short but captivating and straight to the point.

And just like that, you have created your first photo dump! Photo dumps are a great approach to increase your visibility and connect with your audience, allowing you to show off that your business is relatable and authentic.

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