Who’s already signed up? I’ve spent the last couple of weeks actively cleaning my home with Zoflora, visiting various homeware stores seeking out new magical cleaning products and sharing my new found love of cleaning my home with anyone who’ll listen.

Sophie Hinchcliffe aka @mrshinchhome has become a cleaning sensation, taking Instagram by storm with her super quick cleaning routines – making cleaning your home, dare I say fun? Trust me, I never thought I’d utter those words. The 28 year old hairdresser started the account when she was doing up her new home with her now husband. With a growing following the #hincharmy propelled her into the limelight, and an appearance on This Morning with Phil and Holly back in September helped launch her to the masses.

With her follower count growing by the day 912k at the time of posting, she’s not only appealing to those of us seeking out a clean home – but brands too.

The power of the so-called Hinch Army has seen products sell out across stores, online.  She’s boosting small businesses, big businesses, and every wants in on a piece of the action!

Having sold out across the UK, the now infamous Minky M Cloth Antibacterial Cleaning Pad, affectionately known to those in the know as “Minkeh” came back in stock this week… for all of around eight minutes.  Now available across eBay at inflated prices, Mrs Hinch has urged her followers to wait patiently for more (due next week, cue mass panic!).

But it’s not just Minky, the cleaning aisles are sparse with the impact of the social media stars influence clearly starting to show, with even Mrs Hinch struggling to buy her favourites instore.

Part of her charm is her innocence, her love of cleaning and genuine astonishment at how popular she is with her army of fans. She’s the perfect influencer for the brands she unwittingly represents, offering unbiased, trusted reviews of products, to an ever-growing fanbase with huge spending power.

It’ll be fun to see how her story develops, with rumours of her own merchandise line and no doubt endless cleaning brand endorsements.  And of course how long the nation’s obsession with super clean, Lenor/Zoflora spritzed homes will last!

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