It’s that time again. The one where we all turn over a new leaf and kickstart the new year with good intentions and a little list of to-dos, hoping to tick off some goals. Get fit, travel more, reduce screen time, spend time with loved ones, cut out bad habits, pick up a new hobby… the list goes on.

But given the year we’ve just been through, how comparable are our New Year’s resolutions to previous years? And now we’re in another nationwide lockdown, perhaps our commitments are already on the backburner. We’ll leave dry January for next year, shall we?

The Babylonians are said to be the first to set out New Year’s resolutions, which are thought to be promises to the gods to pay off debts and return goods previously borrowed the year before. Sticking to a resolution would mean you’ll be rewarded, whilst breaking them meant less fortunate times lay ahead. The tradition of making resolutions continued with the Romans and developed into what we have today – a less religious and more personal goal to better yourself in some way.

A recent survey from YouGov shows that not all Brits have done away with resolutions this year. When compared to 2020, many Brits have chosen similar resolutions for 2021. Top of the list for both years is to focus on health and fitness, with 53% choosing to exercise more in 2021 vs 47% in 2020.

But in general, it’s not surprising that when Brits were asked at the end of 2020 if they’ll be making resolutions for the year ahead, less had vouched to do so. With only 12% of those surveyed choosing to make resolutions in 2021 vs 27% in 2020.

A major shift in attitude is towards loved ones, with 22% of resolutions set out for 2021 involving spending more time with family members, which sits at just 11% last year!

We’ve been thrown constant curve balls throughout 2020 and many of us will be cutting some slack, because quite frankly making it through last year alone is just, enough.

So, did you make any resolutions this year? Or are we feeling a little more like Richard Osman?

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