New Year, New Mindset

As we reach the final week of 2021, it’s time to think about our resolutions for the next year. Whether it is fitness goals, lifestyle changes or aiming to have a positive impact on the planet this time of year is the perfect opportunity to have a new year makeover.

According to an article in Metro, there is no need to wait for January to embrace the new year motivation both for the individual and for the planet. There are many ways in which you can make difference, so I have selected a few ideas to get you started!

Start a new hobby?

New year resolutions often focus on the individual but starting 2022 with a positive mindset about your physical and mental wellbeing is an essential. “Not only are hobbies fun and a great creative outlet, but they can also be vital to taking care of our mental health during uncertain times.” So, take a moment this year to find a new outlet whether it is baking, painting, craft or a new sport the choices are endless!

Rethink your environmental impact?

“Tesco recently revealed in their Christmas report that 36% of Brits aim to be more sustainable this yuletide period, so why not incorporate some eco-friendliness into your festivities? Easy environmental habits to incorporate this winter include avoiding next-day delivery, using recyclable wrapping paper, gifting experiences rather than presents, and using up all leftover to avoid food waste”

“The best time to start living more sustainably is yesterday – the second best is today.”

Why not record a second of your life everyday?

“A fun resolution to try out next year is recording a one-second clip every day, so that at the end of 2022 you can watch back the year in an epic montage. The most popular app to use is 1 Second Everyday, free to download on the app store.” This is a perfect way to cherish every moment and create memories that last a lifetime (this one is my personal favourite!)

Whilst everyone makes their own goals for the new year, make sure that these transformations are positive and realistic. It is important to remember that it is often the smallest changes that add up to create the biggest impact.

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