Facebook Stories has over 500 million daily active users, and is predicted to rise throughout 2021. With simple features, and the absolute prime viewing location on Facebook’s News Feed, Stories offers you a whole new marketing resource to promote your business or brand, which may have gone unnoticed!

Organic reach continues to decrease on Facebook due to its de-prioritisation of showing marketing content on people’s News Feeds. But! With Stories being given the golden ticket on the news feed placement, maybe now is the time to really capture your audience’s attention without relying on them having to super scroll to find you.

So what do you need? Quite simply, all you need is a Facebook page. And similar to how you put together a news feed post, you simply create a story post in the same manner. It’s just a different size! Much like Instagram, there are numerous filters, tags, stickers and live modes you can use, giving you the opportunity to really bring the human element to your business or brand alive. Not to mention the all-important links. And the cherry on top? If you find yourself receiving great organic engagement on Facebook, it will ultimately have a halo effect on your whole page.

And for Instagram users, Facebook has made things a whole lot easier for you, as you can cross promote your Instagram Stories to your Facebook Stories. Simply enable this on your settings, and there’s no need to double up on that content creation workload.

It’s a little Facebook gem just waiting there for you to take advantage of it!

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