Martini Madness: The Rise of Cocktail Sales

As we start to embrace the freedom and social opportunities of a post-lockdown world, most of us just can’t wait to unwind with a cocktail in hand.

According to an article in BBC News, “In the 15 weeks to 7 November, sales of drinks such as mojitos and cosmopolitans were up 45% on the year before, along with vodka and rum”. The nation has certainly missed catching up with friends in their favourite bars and restaurants. This sudden increase in cocktail sales is so valuable to the hospitality industry. After being completely stunted by the pandemic, this positive development will mean that the industry can now start its long road to recovery.

This growth in sales seems to be predominately amongst the younger population, as Wetherspoons says “Cocktail sales have soared in comparison with traditional ales as more young people venture out post-lockdown”. For employees in the industry, this is a reassuring moment that proves businesses can succeed after years of uncertainty. Our love of these fruity refreshments has left “sales of ale down by 30%.”. The vast selection of cocktails that the bars around the UK offer means that if you love a fruity or sour twist there will always be a cocktail for you

Whilst winter months are usually filled with a mulled wine or eggnog there is always time for a cocktail!


Why not try a Dark & Stormy Coffee Cocktail?


BBC Good Food



25ml dark rum

25ml tequila


Ginger beer

2 tbsp freshly brewed espresso



Fill a highball glass with ice and pour in the rum and tequila. Stir then top with ginger beer. Slowly pour in the espresso.

It’s important that we start to enjoy socialising with our friends and family in a way that keeps everyone safe. So, as we reach the weekend, grab a cocktail (or two!) and join the martini madness!                                                                                                                

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