How to Make Facebook Advertising More Effective

When we scroll through our social media pr channels it is hard to avoid the relentless adverts popping up advertising a product or service to us. They are there for good reason, with 57% of consumers saying that social media influences their shopping habits. Whilst there can be some positive correlation between the amount of money you put into an ad and the number of people it reaches, there are many other factors which will influence how well it performs. Facebook has recently announced that organic reach from businesses is in decline as they want people’s feed to be mostly filled with posts from friends and family. This means that getting your Facebook boosting strategy right is even more necessary.

One factor which should be considered when creating a Facebook ad is the location. Whilst for some products and services you might just want people everywhere to have the potential to see the ad, for some things it would make more sense to have a targeted location. This would be necessary for instance if you were advertising a shop or event in a specific location. If you haven’t put a geo targeted location on you will end up wasting money on people who would not even be able to take advantage of what you’re advertising due to being too far away. When placing an advert on Facebook there is the option to draw around a very specific area that you want your advert to go out to.

Furthermore, it is possible to target a Facebook ad to a specific life event. For example, if your advert promotes a wedding related product you can make it target people who have recently changed their relationship status to engaged – this assuming that they would be in the process of planning a wedding and are therefore your target audience.

Sometimes it might even make sense to specifically exclude certain people from viewing your ad. For example, if someone is a vegan it is unlikely that they would be interested in an advert promoting a dairy or meat product.

Another exclusion which might be worth bearing in mind is relevant to when you are promoting your page for an increase in page likes. When doing this it is sensible to exclude people who already like your page from viewing the advert because their impression would not lead to an extra page like!

Taking all of this into account, narrowing down audiences means that posts will be more relevant to the people seeing them, which can increase your engagement. If all of the above factors are considered carefully, then we can assume that the more money you spend on an ad, the more people it will reach.

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