Have a happy, healthy Christmas!

Everyone knows that Christmas is a time of excess – we are all guilty of overindulging and overspending.  We consumed a whopping 10 million turkeys in the UK last Christmas and every year, on average, we spend up to £700 on gifts at Christmas!

So here’s what we will get through this festive season:

  • 10,000 mince pies a minute
  • 15,000 units of alcohol
  • 115 turkeys per minute on the 25th
  • 550 Christmas cards sent every second in December
  • And we’ll spend more than any other nation in Europe!

So, clearly, for us Brits Christmas is not a time for watching what you eat or drink, it’s the biggest time of year to indulge! It’s the only time when it is acceptable to have pigs in blankets for breakfast and to count mulled wine as one of your 5 a day, but this doesn’t mean we have to OVER-indulge.

Though easier said than done, go easy on the booze! If you find it difficult to stop yourself having prosecco with breakfast, wine with lunch followed by Baileys and more…try sipping on water in between each course or mix it up with a few soft drinks!

During the festive period, we are also culprits of shutting down completely, both physically and mentally.  Irrelevant of how much you might munch on during all the party buffets and roast dinners, we can all try and maintain a certain level of activity.  Keeping physically active can be as simple and easy as walking.  Walking is super beneficial to our health pr AND it is one of the easiest forms of exercise…winning! The gentle, low-impact exercise is free for everyone, boosts energy and vitamin D by getting you out and about!

Switching off the mind tends to be a result of consuming an excessive amount of mince pies, but the Christmas period should be a time to engage the brain on all those things you never normally make time for.  It is a great opportunity to enjoy the time out – learn something new, take the time to read that book you started in the summer and never finished, watch that TED video in full or declutter ready to start the New Year afresh!

So, however unrealistic it is to suggest Christmas be the healthiest time of year, it doesn’t have to be totally unhealthy. So here’s to a happy and healthy Christmas!

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