This week, we’re getting to know the lovely Amy Lanza (@nourishing.amy), a plant-based food blogger and recipe developer with a passion for health and wellness.

When did you first set up your social channels, and what got you started?

My social media accounts began very organically as I transitioned my personal uni student account into a food-focused one. I always posted my latest bakes and cakes, but I wanted to show my passion for the health, wellness and foodie world and thought social media was the platform for me to do just that. I thought of it as a virtual CV and proof to companies, brands, future employers and fellow Instagrammers that I was passionate about food and well-being. I remember the first “food blogger” style photo I posted back in the summer of 2016 – a rather sad looking falafel salad bowl but I started to use hashtags! It wasn’t until mid 2018 that I started to really take social media seriously and talk to brands about collaborations. It’s been a roller-coaster of a ride ever since.

How has the digital landscape changed for you and how you share content since then?

Since taking my social media more seriously, with the ambition to inspire others to re-create my plant-based recipes and to attract more brand clients, I have really focused on my photography. This is something I continue to do and learn more about – I study images that I love, recipes that appeal to me and styles that I’m attracted to. The ever-changing algorithm is a constant battle. Last year it seemed to fairly “easy” for a good post to perform well, as long as the quality and hashtags were there. Over the last year, sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t and it’s frustrating to say the least. It is greatly disheartening when a post (that has taken you a lot of time, effort and thought) flops and you see other less-well-executed posts doing so much better. It is very difficult not to fall into the comparison trap, but I do try to not let it affect what I share. I try to now always share what I want to, when I want to and to always be as authentic as possible.

What advice would you give a brand or PR representative looking to potentially work with you on creating content?

I welcome all opportunities to work with brands, new and old. There is nothing more flattering than a new and exciting email landing in my inbox. As long as the brand is plant-based (or with impressive plant-based options), are thinking about sustainability and are wanting to do good, then I am on board. I bring my passion for health, wellness and food to every collaboration and I work pretty much every day! I like to think I am quick to reply and always want to people-please, but I am learning the art of saying “no” to projects that do not align with my beliefs. I also work as efficiently as possible as I, or my family, will eat everything that is made. Sadly, there is so much waste in this industry and I know too many content creators who will just throw away their food after the shoot. So I make sure that the food I create for a brand is enjoyed by me, my friends or family. What kind of projects do you enjoy doing most?

I really enjoy projects that let my imagination run wild. I like to be able to discuss with a brand as to the type of recipe they are looking for and to then have the creative freedom after that. I love working on both sweet and savoury recipe content on anything from indulgent chocolate cakes to comforting curries and super vibrant kale salads.

What advice would you give someone looking to build their social channels?

I wish I knew the secrets to creating a successful social media account but one thing I believe in is finding out your “why”. Why do you want a platform? What it is that you want to share? Who do you want to reach? Find your niche and roll with it. And bring your passion, there is nothing more powerful and more attractive than passion. Don’t be afraid to play around, too.  None of my posts are perfect and I am certainly learning along the way. I like to think my accounts show my progression as I look back at photos from last year and cringe! Start sharing and be consistent, but don’t share for the sake of it!

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