Whether you sit down as a family, grab something on the go, eat on the sofa, or at your desk, the face of dinnertime as we know it has changed. For many, long gone is the sit-down meal and a chance to talk about the day, replaced instead with solo dining, as a result of the changing traditional family setup and ever-evolving lifestyles.

According to a recent report, The Future of Dinnertimes, by Gousto, more than one third (35%) of Brits admit to enjoying their evening meal on the sofa most nights – while the same amount believe they won’t have moved on from the on the lap TV dinnertimes in 15 years’ time.

While we’re all probably guilty of indulging a little too much screen time, the research also reveals that just one in 10 (15%) of us consistently enjoy screen-free meal moments during the week… while others eat an evening meal at their desk (8%) or on the commute home (14%).

But the good news (for some!) is that dinnertime is set for a shakeup, and according to futurologist predictions it looks like we’ll be returning to more social dining in the future, with a return to three key dinnertime trends including… moments together, cooking from scratch and eating together.

Food Futurologist, Dr Morgaine Gaye, said of the findings: “In 15 years community will be everything. From housing projects which promote communal living and dining spaces, to food growing collectives and kitchen groups, the future is about collective humanity. Kindness will be our main mode of behaviour.

“Dinnertime will be a simple, social occurrence, as friends, colleagues, and acquaintances gather to share and eat. Not just during the dinnertime moment but collaboration as we share chores and skill-swap too.”

Currently, the average time us Brits eat in the evening is 6.30pm… but with lifestyle changes, non traditional 9-5 working days and shifts patterns dinnertime across the UK is getting later, with hungry tummies being settled at 8.30pm.

So how will the ‘Oxo family’ of the future look? It’s certainly food for thought!

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