Did these food brands fool you?

As we move into April (which alone could be a hoax), we took a moment to enjoy the April Fools that some of our favourite food brands have been testing our gullibility with. Some we are glad are not a thing (think “whopper toothpaste”) and others we wish were true (hello popcorn funnel)!


“Nothing fools bad breath more than fresh Whopper Toothpaste” – the king of burgers may not have fooled us with this one but they certainly managed to get quite a reaction on social media.

Whopper Toothpaste


Wild Leek & Potato flavoured chocolate? We’re really glad the organic chocolate makers are not making this catastrophe, but would not object to a limited edition bar in the gold packaging!

Doisy & Dam


Domino’s introduced the cold pizza where customers can call the night before to request their pizza to be put in the fridge and arrive chilled…Mmm! Surprisingly, some of the comments on Instagram were all for it!

Dominos Cold Pizza


Doritos water anyone? We’re grateful this one’s not true but love that the brand not only went bold with this, but kept in line with their Legion of the Bold campaign.

Doritos water


Grenade teased us with a range of High Protein Easter Eggs and judging by the reaction on Instagram they should seriously consider it. The team at Escapade would be happy to do the tastings!

Grenade Egg


Kudos to Krispy Kreme for pulling our leg about changing their name from “Kreme” to “Cream” and acknowledging the fact that so many of their customers mispronounce the name.  For future reference it is spelt “Kreme”, said “Cream”!

Krispy Cream


While McDonald’s UK introduced the Big Mac Sauce McFlurry, the US launched the Micro Mac! While we are more than pleased the McFlurry will not be making an appearance, we would love to see a Micro Mac in real life!

Big Mac Sauce McFlurry


Filled with all of the artificial ingredients that would not normally go near the paleo bars, The Primal Pantry’s Cheeseburger & Fries Lethargy Bar did not have many of us fooled.  Yet consumers love any brand that does not take themselves too seriously and can make the effort to create an April Fools in the first place.

The Primal Pantry April Fools


Innovative, fun and believable! Propercorn’s popcorn funnel wins our vote for best April Fools.  If only it was real!

Propercorn Funnel


Quest nutrition welcomed three Pizza bars into the family – Pepperoni, Supreme and Cheese! Thanks but no thanks Quest!

Quest Pizza bars