With Valentine’s day just around the corner, many of us Brits will be flocking to the shops to buy our loved ones a special gift in order to celebrate the day. From cards, flowers and chocolates to evening’s out and lingerie, there is no shortage of options for the perfect loved up day. In fact, it is predicted that more than 32 million of us will be spending money on their sweet Valentine in 2020.

But how much are you willing to spend on the 14th February 2020? Along with the obligatory card (and maybe teddy bear), an evening out, jewellery, or simply a meal at home with a bottle of champagne can cause the ££s to easily and quickly stack up! According to, one in 15 of us are planning on spending more than £100, with males being three times more likely to spend the big bucks over females.

And brands are in on the romance too, the M&S Love Sausage returns for 2020, accompanied by the Give a Little Love Sausage.  While others might opt for non-traditional bouquets including candles, chocolate, and even chicken nuggets. Or if you’re feeling super creative (and sickly sweet) there’s always the latest Instagram trend of Valentine’s Trees…

On top of buying a gift for your (human) loved one, one in five people also splash out on a Valentine’s Day gift for their pet! So, what are the go-to gifts for a pet? Well it looks like grooming sessions, one-to-one time and new treats are the typical presents to get your pet. Amongst the more unusual gifts are, personalised beds and cushions, cupid outfits and even dog beer (does not contain alcohol).

Don’t forget your pals too! February 13th marks Galentine’s Day, a day which started off as fiction, first being mentioned in an episode of Parks and Recreation in 2010, which has now turned into a fairly standard celebration. Women across the world now mark their calendars to ensure a day of celebrating with their girlfriends, but what about the men?

A 2017 survey found that an estimated 3 million men feel lonely on a daily basis. So whether you want to call it Palentine’s Day, Brolentine’s Day or Guylentine’s day, buying a gift for, or even just spending time with, your ‘bros’ may be something you celebrate this year too!

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