What’s your boyfriend or brother really up to in their spare time? Baking, yoga and ballroom dancing according to the headlines from our client, MARS Milk! This month, we launched their MARS Milk Play Fund, with a little help from the lovely guys over at talkSPORT!

The consumer pr campaign began with some insightful research into the habits of the modern British man, 75% of whom now admit to spending more time than ever on non-sporting hobbies.  In fact, British men spend 2.7 hours more per week on non-sporting hobbies they did than two years ago, and 3.5 hours more than five years ago.

Here’s what MARS Milk spokesperson Michelle Frost had to say about the findings: “While sport is still a huge part of British men’s lives, it is great to see that they are taking a more holistic approach to a balanced lifestyle and enjoying the same hobbies as women.

“However, we need to ensure that the opportunities are there for men and women to continue to play sport and to encourage those that currently aren’t participating in any sporting activities to take up something new. This is why we have launched the MARS Milk Play Fund.”

Next step was an on-air promotion with talkSPORT, the go to national radio station for all things sport! Listeners were asked to guess the sportsman’s secret hobby to be in with a chance of winning a year’s supply of MARS Milk and £300 toward their favourite sport or hobby. And what were these secret hobbies? Well would you ever of guessed that former professional footballer Matt Holland loves to indulge in a bit of train spotting? Or that Jason Cundy is a bird watcher? No neither would we!

Could you do with a bit of extra funding for your sport? The Fund, which runs from May 4 2015 until October 4 2015, has 49 cash awards to donate to sports people, clubs and projects. So what are you waiting for? Visit the MARS Milk website and get your entry in!

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