The secret to happiness? Earning £80,840 a year and living in a £443,000 house according to the headlines from our client, Post-it Brand from 3M! This week, we helped launched their Make It Happen consumer PR campaign, with a little inspiration from all around amazing woman Katie Piper!

We spent the day with Katie, whose life plan changed dramatically in March 2008 when aged 24, she was victim to a vicious attack. As she explained to Cosmopolitan: “After the attack, a huge question hung over me: ‘How was I going to face the rest of my life with such permanent injuries?’ I felt like if I stayed angry, who was I really punishing? I didn’t want to be a bitter person, and I knew a little bit about the power of positive thinking.

“But when I really researched it, it made me start to understand my own mind and actually how powerful the mind can be when trying to be an optimistic person. I realised you could imprison the body, but never the mind – it’s something that’s untouchable.

“So I began to use this approach in my life. I really got into positive quotes and affirmations, and I would write them down on Post-it notes and stick them all around the house. You can imagine at this point I was living with my mum and dad in the family home, so they would lift up the toilet seat and there would be a Post-it note that said, ‘You can do it!'”

So what life changes would make you happier? If you have goals, why not try writing down and placing them where you will see them every day can help thoughts can keep you motivated!

And if you share your goals and what makes you happy on the Make it Happen website, Katie will be selecting her favourite, and most achievable goal to take home £200 in prize vouchers! Here’s a little of selection of what happiness is for us at Escapade…


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