Spookiest Halloween Brand Campaigns 2022

Halloween is fast approaching, and brands are once again capitalising on the festivities and being playful with their audiences!

We took a look at some of the spookiest campaigns of 2022!

1. Heinz

Heinz has released a new version of its condiment designed for vampire influencers – Tomato Blood Ketchup.

To promote their new condiment, Heinz has partnered up Toby, a 280-year-old vegetarian vampire influencer and TikToker, who prefers to drink Tomato Blood Ketchup over human blood, and he inspires his fellow vampires to do the same.

“Being a vegetarian vampire and only eating Heinz Tomato Blood comes with a lot of misconceptions,” said Toby.”

2. Twix

What’s Halloween without the treats? You can’t celebrate Halloween without Chocolate! When it comes to delivering campaigns, Twix is well-known for focusing on the left and right sides of its chocolate bars. For Halloween, the brand continued focusing on that but with a spooky twist.

The advert shows five young adults dressed in their Halloween costumes sitting in a circle and playing with an Ouija board. As they keep playing, a gust of wind blows through the room and a “spirit” has taken a bite of a Twix bar. Everyone screams and the ending shot reads “The spirits have decided. Left or right, either is a good decision.”

Twix gave a perfect example of how a brand can tweak an existing campaign and give it a holiday twist.

3. Papa Johns

Papa Johns launched a garlic sauce talisman necklace for Halloween. The campaign shows Papa John pay homage to their 80’s horror film parody series, “Jack!”, with the launch of its first-ever piece of jewellery – the Stranger Bling necklace.

The ad opens with a goldsmith forging a 925-sterling silver (metal) necklace to protect consumers from vampires this Halloween. Immortalizing Papa John’s iconic special garlic dipping sauce, and inspired by cult horror classics, the talisman-style necklace harnesses the mythical power of garlic to protect the wearer against supernatural spirits and is posted by Halloween pizzas.

Which food pr campaign is your favourite?