Distinctive Campaigns of 2022

Staying relevant in today’s world is difficult and distinguishing yourself as a brand and a business is so important to remain competitive.

Since we entered 2022, the return to normality has left businesses finding creative ways to remain innovative and make sure that every campaign has an impact.

Large brands like IKEA, Muller and Specsavers have showcased how a different approach can create the most memorable campaigns.

Keep It Simple

It’s easy for brands to get carried away with creating extravagant campaigns.


IKEA’s latest summer campaign captures perfectly how sometimes you can “keep it simple”.

The most effective deliveries don’t have to be elaborate and sometimes the subtle approach can prove the most effective. The announcement of the summer bedding collection certainly kept it cool this year with effective and vibrant visuals. 


Brands should remain loyal to their own missions and ambitions, keeping their own goals at the core allows them to stay original.


Muller Corner is a series of out-of-home posters that feature close-up photography of the creamy yogurt and, of course, the corner treat. Whilst this a relatively bold approach the concept is simple. It draws attention to the originality of the brand and where it all started.


Samsung have introduced a unique promotion for the new Galaxy Z Flip 4 series by taking over bus shelters in Belgium.

Benches have been switched out to replicate the new design and encourage people to ‘flip open’. Commuters are then offered a fun interaction whilst Samsung gain awareness of their new product.

What’s Hot?

Keeping up with the latest news and current trends gives business’s opportunities to utilise these events.


Specsavers celebrated the win of the Lionesses at the European Championship in style.  They combined a hot topic with a relevant visual to create a very quirky campaign.  It’s important for brands to keep up with the latest news to ensure that their campaigns are on trend.  

Think Outside the Box

Sometimes, a creative visual isn’t the focus and instead it is the message behind the campaign.

CPB London

The International Women’s Day campaign by CPB London offered a simple visual with an important message. “The posters ask if they are imagining a man or a woman in the role, highlighting how most people are still affected by unconscious gender bias.”

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