This week we’re getting to know the wonderful Amy Cousins, a fitness, food pr and lifestyle blogger with a love of all things health!

When did you first set up your social channels, and what got you started? 

My journey into blogging was somewhat of an accident. I lived in London for 2 years, working in a corporate job – long hours, a long commute… It was what I thought I wanted post-graduation. I really enjoyed living in London and don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate my job, but I didn’t feel like it was what I really wanted to do. Whilst living there, I met two fabulous ladies who have their own blog (Brunch n Grind) and co-wrote for them. It was an amazing way to get back into writing whilst exploring what London has to offer.

Coming up to my third year of living in the capital, my partner at the time wanted to start a new job and new career path. The cost of living in London is very expensive and this new venture meant that we probably wouldn’t have been able to give it a real go. So, we moved back to Bath. I had another ‘proper’ job to go too, but lasted a mere 4 days. It wasn’t what I expected and I just knew it wasn’t right. So, I gave myself a month to think about what I really wanted to do. In that time, I found that I wanted to write so, I decided to start my own blog and that’s how it all started really!

I’ve now taken another leap of faith and moved back to the big smoke so it’s all go but its a change I definitely feel ready for.

How has the digital landscape changed for you and how you share content since then?

I think its ever-changing! One minute you’ll hear that video content is taking over, the next its back to photography. It’s important to keep your content true to you. It should be real, authentic and relatable. Those are my core values. Sharing wise, I didn’t expect Instagram stories to be such an important part of social media. It’s amazing how powerful they can be!

What advice would you give a brand or PR representative looking to potentially work with you on creating content?

Get to know who you’re wanting to work with before reaching out to them. This is a big one for me! I’ve had lots of emails with exciting collaborations then my name might be spelt wrong. It’s the small things that really make a difference.

What kind of projects do you enjoy doing most?

I love working on projects that don’t feel like collaborations. Ones that just ‘fit’. Food posts I really enjoy because I love to cook and bake! It also brings out my creative side which I didn’t realise I had! With that being said, I also love taking part in projects that challenge me.

What advice would you give someone looking to build their social channels?

One piece of advice which I guess could also be a quote – back yourself to a tee and keep going. Try really (really) hard not to let the fear of judgement hold you back. Stay true to yourself, be authentic and you’ll flourish! We all have a voice and a message that is important. Just find whatever way works for you in helping spread that!

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