First Year Tips for PR & Marketing Students at University

Starting university is a new chapter in your life, and it can be scary meeting new people, and moving away from home but it is the beginning of a new chapter in your life that will give you full of independence and freedom. Here at Escapade PR & Marketing, we want you to feel prepared so here are some tips for consumer PR and Marketing students to help guide you through your first year of university!

Join Societies!

Secondary school and college are completely different from university. Getting on with your flatmates is not guaranteed, so joining societies such as a marketing society would be a great opportunity to network and make more friends.

Finish Your Assignments Early

This is easier said than done but do not be afraid to ask for help! If you are struggling with your assignment, ask your lecturer as they are here to help you. Get into a habit of starting your assignments early and give yourself time to plan and understand the assignment so that you can have your work checked by your lecturer so that you can make the vital changes and achieve the grade you want.

Learn Some Cooking Skills

This may sound overwhelming but learning how to cook during university is so beneficial. There are so many quick and student-friendly recipes on social media, YouTube and cookbooks that will help you. It’s important to have a healthy and balanced diet, as what you eat will reflect your mood and work ethic. Maybe come up with a meal plan for the week? This will help extremely!

Look After Your Mental Health

Finding time for yourself at university might be challenging when you are attempting to keep up with everything else but try to relieve your stress by doing something you enjoy by diverting your attention with meditation, socialising, or listening to music.

Check out Prospect for more great tips for looking after your mental health.

Student Loans

Rent money for your accommodations will consume most of your student loan. Try to estimate how much you will earn, deduct the cost of rent, and then calculate how much you would earn every week from that amount.

As a student, do not be afraid of getting an overdraft with no interest. In case of an emergency, an overdraft can come in handy. Most overdrafts come with rewards like a rail card and more. If you are not the best with money, try setting a cap on your overdraft so that you do not go over a specific amount or find a part-time job which can help you out with any necessities and budgeting. It is crucial to be prudent with your overdraft because you will have to pay it back. Utilize your student discounts as much as possible!

Have Fun!

No one’s university experience is the same – make it your own! Establish lifelong friendships and make enduring memories. So, enjoy as much as you can in university and make the most of the start of your marketing career!


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