It’s nearly the end of 2022 and before we know it, we will be saying hello to a new year. Food and drink trends are constantly changing and as we approach the end of the year it’s interesting to anticipate what new and innovative trends could be next!

Food magazine, Delish, have predicted the food trends to emerge in 2023.

Returning to more homely, unrefined foods

Their first prediction is returning to “ancestral eating”. This means enjoying foods and cuisines that remind individuals of their home or heritage. This is believed to be a response to the variety of eating experiences available, combined with the rising cost of living. People are expected to find themselves “reaching for less processed, organic and more meaningful foods.”

Streamlined, simplified menus

Gone are the days of extravagant and complex menus, instead menus are going to become more simplified “and use quality ingredients cooked to their best.”

Going the extra mile to reduce your carbon footprint, and becoming a ‘locavore’

“According to a survey by Waitrose, more than 36% of shoppers said that they are now ‘extremely concerned’ about climate change. With that, more of us will be looking to go ‘Glocal’ (a term used for thinking globally but eating locally) and in turn, becoming what’s described as a ‘locavore’ – someone that buys produce grown as locally as possible to minimise their carbon footprint.”

Deep fake meat is here to stay

Plant-based diets have grown through 2022 and this is expected to continue for 2023. “According to reports from Waitrose, 2023 will welcome further plant-based eating spearheaded by an increase in deep fake meat (aka, realistic mock meat).”

Say hello to coffee-less coffee

“Predicted to make its mark in 2023, and after scientists warning that coffee plants are extremely susceptible to climate change, coffee connoisseurs are racing to find alternatives.”

These food trends will certainly shape the market and give brands something to consider when developing new products and enhancing existing ones.

These are only a number of the trends expected to appear next year, therefore it will be interesting to see which ones will dominate! 


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