ChatGPT has certainly got the world talking. As its popularity continues to rise, marketers are finding more ways to use the tool to streamline their work. Here are 5 ways ChatGPT will change Digital Marketing.

What is ChatGPT?

“ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool driven by AI technology that allows you to have human-like conversations and much more with a chatbot.” Since its launch in November 2022, the tool is becoming more prevalent in industries, such as Digital Marketing, to assist with tasks and streamline work processes.

Content Creation

A big part of digital marketing is creating content that captures people’s attention. This could be in the form of blog articles, social media captions, press releases, and email marketing campaigns.

With the correct prompts, ChatGPT can generate content in the form of captions, paragraphs, or a list of ideas which you can take inspiration from. This is ideal for when you are having writer’s block and want to speed up the creation process.

However, it is always important to double check the work produced and add the human touch to it too, in order to connect with your target audience. Also, as Dotdigital reports, “There are a number of potential impacts to SEO you need to be aware of. Traditionally, Google has penalized auto-generated content, deeming it low quality according to the company’s spam policy.”

Therefore, it may be better to use ChatGPT for the planning and ideas stage of creation, and for short form content like social media captions or email marketing, where SEO isn’t as prevalent.

It is important to remember for fact heavy articles that ChatGPT has limited knowledge of the world after 2021, and information should be double checked by a human to ensure you are producing content that is accurate.

Check out this example by Jensen Tung of how he used ChatGPT, and other AI tools, to create a YouTube channel from scratch. 

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is an important part of optimising content to improve the performance of blog articles or digital marketing campaigns. When conducting keyword research, marketers often use tools such as Semrush or Ahrefs to analyse the SEO metrics of chosen keywords, so they can choose the best one to fit their content.

So how can ChatGPT help? Again, this tool may be better suited for the idea stage of the research. ChatGPT can help speed up the research process by generating an endless list of keywords, providing you have given the correct prompts. With your new bank of keyword ideas, you can team this up with your other tools to analyse the correct SEO metrics, ensuring a smoother and faster research process.  

If you want to know what prompts can get you the best results for your research, check out this Search Engine Journal article.

Writing Code

If you are just learning how to code or have been a coder for a while, ChatGPT could be a useful assistant to help you along your coding journey. If you are having a particular problem or just want to save a bit of time, you can ask ChatGPT to write the code you need in the language you require. This has made creating simple computer programs more accessible to digital marketers, which can have a helpful impact in streamlining the work they do.

Check out this example below:

Customer Service

If your business relies heavily on customer service, using ChatGPT to create a chatbot can be a great resource so you are available to your customers 24/7.

As reported by Entrepreneur, types of chatbots you could create could be:

  • Automated- to handle simple inquiries, such as order and product information.
  • Self Service- to provide customers with resources to help themselves, such as video tutorials and FAQs.
  • Multi-Language- serves global customers more easily by having a chatbot that is responsive to multiple languages.

Customer retention and support is a big part of marketing, so using this tool can help to improve these services and create trust with your customers, so they keep coming back. It can also save costs, which can be redirected for human staff to help customers with more complex needs.

Summarising Articles

Ever wanted to learn something new but felt like you didn’t have the time? Ask ChatGPT. The tool can summarise lengthy paragraphs, articles, or complex writing so you can quickly grasp a concept in a way that is easier to understand. However, as mentioned above, ChatGPT’s ability only stretches to 2021 and isn’t always accurate, so proceed with caution. But it could be a useful tool when assisting with your learning of new topics and ideas, as it helps simplify and highlight core principles in a faster and clearer approach.


Overall ChatGPT is making an impact in many different industries, especially Digital Marketing. Marketers are starting to discover the many ways the tool can be used to assist in their work and speed up their efforts. I think assistant is the right word for this tool. Due to its nature and development, the work it produces can’t always be trusted, and it needs a human touch to check its accuracy and give a personal and creative feel to the work that a machine cannot. However, it can be very useful in saving marketers time, improving efficiency, and can contribute to the development of high quality and impactful content.

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