You’ve already heard or read about Threads, a new app created by the Instagram team, but do you know how to use Threads? If you need a quick refresher about the app, essentially Instagram Threads allows you to share text-based content – with options to include links, photos, and videos.

Ready to leave Twitter, or try something new? Here at Escapade, we’re sharing everything you need to know about how to use Threads – including how to access it, how to create your first post and much more.

How to Set Up Your Threads Profile

Step 1: Download and login using your Instagram account. If you’re already logged into your Instagram app, there will be a prompt to log in using your account.

Step 2: Write your own bio or click “Import from Instagram” which allows the app to transfer your bio from Instagram to Threads.

Step 3: Set your privacy – You have the option to decide whether you prefer your Threads profile to be public or private by simply going to settings and turning the privacy toggle on or off.

But don’t worry, if you do decide to change your Threads profile to private it does not affect your main Instagram account.

How To Follow Others on Threads

When setting up your account, you have two options when trying to follow someone. You can either follow the same accounts you follow on Instagram automatically by simply clicking the “follow all” button or follow someone manually via Threads feed or search.

The following system on Threads is very similar to Instagram. In this case, if your followers have a public Threads account, you’ll be able to follow them straight away. However, if their Threads account is private, they’ll receive a friend request from you.

If they don’t have a Threads account yet, it will display as “Pending” until they sign up.

How To Post Your First Threads

Now that you’re all set up, you’re ready to post your first Threads!

Step 1: On your home page, click the 📝 symbol – from there you can write your first post. You can use up to 500 characters and add images and videos by tapping on the attach icon or the @ symbol to tag someone.

How To Manage Replies To Your Threads Posts

Ready to hit the post button on your first Threads post?

Before you do, there are two ways to manage your replies under your posts. This could be either managing your replies within the post or your settings.

How To Hide Threads Replies Based on Specific Words

Hidden words are a great feature that allows you to hide replies or messages using specific words on both Instagram and Threads. You can also add your custom words to the list if you’re getting trolled on the app.

Step 1: Tap the profile icon.

Step 2: Tap the two-line icon in the upper right corner of your profile.

Step 3: Go into Settings and click on “Privacy”.

Step 4: Tap “Hidden words”

How To Delete a Threads Post

We’ve all been there where we posted something on our social media and later regretted it. Thanks to Threads it’s very easy to delete a post. Simply…

Step 1: Tap the profile icon.

Step 2: Find the post you would like to delete.

Step 3: Tap on the “…” in the upper right corner of the post.

Step 4: Tap “Delete”.

How to Delete Your Threads Account

Rest assured, we’re here to debunk the speculations surrounding the deactivation of your Threads account – well Adam Mosseri is! It has been believed that once you deactivate your Threads account then your Instagram will also be deactivated.

However, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, has confirmed that this is not true!

“I’ve been getting some questions about deleting your account. To clarify, you can deactivate your Threads account, which hides your Threads profile and content, you can set your profile to private, and you can delete individual Threads posts – all without deleting your Instagram account. Threads is powered by Instagram, so right now it’s just one account, but we’re looking into a way to delete your Threads account separately.”

Step 1: Tap the profile icon.

Step 2: Tap the two-line icon in the upper right corner of your profile.

Step 3: Go into Settings and click on “Account”.

Step 4: Deactivate profile!”

Once your account has been deactivated, your profile, threads, replies, and likes will be hidden until you reactivate by logging back in.

Now you know how to use Threads you can unlock exciting opportunities to connect with your audience and build relationships and drive business growth. With Threads being popular worldwide, take advantage of increasing your network and taking your business to the next level.

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