Here at Escapade, we are huge foodies! We enjoy keeping up with the latest tasty trends, trying crazy combos and we are always up for experimenting with new recipes.

With the growth of influencers across social platforms including TikTok, we are now more involved in each other’s day to day lives than ever. We see a range of content from workout plans to meal inspiration and the all too familiar “What I Eat in A Day” videos. It is always a good place to feel inspired with at home coffee shop style drinks and delicious baked oat recipes.

As a society we have become more aware of food products and are inspired by others to follow certain diets and lifestyles. Although keeping to a diet is never easy and when the weekend arrives it can be a challenge.

After a long week the temptation for a takeaway to save the cooking often gets the better of us, but more and more of us are taking to the kitchen and putting their own spin on their favourite Takeaway’s.

As a result, Fakeaway recipes have become a familiar trend across platforms.

The Mail Online shares Bec Hardgrave’s delicious Fakeaway Nando’s Burger. “A qualified fitness coach who’s known for sharing healthy recipes has revealed how to make a ‘fakeaway’ Nando’s chicken and halloumi burger. Bec Hardgrave delighted fans with her homemade alternative that contains 440 calories – which is 243 less than the original version from the fast-food restaurant. “, says the Mail Online.

With only eight ingredients -brioche buns, halloumi, chicken breast, Nando’s Peri Peri sauce, aioli, high protein yoghurt, lettuce and onion. This recipe is a must try!

Platforms like Tik Tok are great places to find twists and spins on traditional recipes as well as introduce you to new ones! Do you remember the Baked Feta Pasta, a recipe which went viral across Tik Tok over 2 years ago? Head over to Delish if you haven’t managed to give this a try already!

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